Tips for Customizing Your Motorcycle Insurance

Being a motorcycle enthusiast in Cullman, AL, there are plenty of reasons to be concerned about your bike. Besides the legal requirements for insurance, you want to make sure your baby is protected. Here at Insurance Solutions Inc., we understand those concerns, so here are a few tips to customize your motorcycle insurance and make sure you’re fully covered.

Know the Value of Your Bike

It’s not uncommon for owners who love their bikes to add a few custom touches. Unlike with cars, this can pretty easily change the value of the bike. Standard insurance policies will use Kelly Blue Book and similar methods to assign a value to your bike. They’ll often come up short of the full value, so you want to make sure your policy really covers the value of the bike. Many insurers offer custom coverage packages that are designed for custom parts, equipment and accessories to compensate for any discrepancies.

Consider Add-Ons

Standard coverage will include collision, medical payments, and personal injury liability insurance. You can also easily extend that coverage to apply to collisions that are your fault. That still runs short of what you might need. Comprehensive insurance protections your from theft and sources of damage that aren’t collisions. Trip interruption can pay for food and lodging if you have an incident away from home. Trailer coverage is great if you use one, and roadside assistance is just as viable for a bike as a car.

Lay-up Periods

It’s not entirely uncommon for a biker to leave their beloved motorcycle in the garage for a full season, even in Cullman, AL. If this applies to you, consider a lay-up period with your insurance. During this period, you can still be covered by your comprehensive plan, but you can drop payments for collision and other threats that only exist on the road. It’s a great way to save money.

Talk with your Insurance Solutions Inc. agent and see what other ways you can improve your coverage and save money.