Tips for Winter Storage of Your Classic Car

First and foremost, choose a dry, dark location for storage. Concrete floors work best for keeping away moisture, so a locked garage will serve well for both winterizing and keeping your car safe from burglars.

Second, wash and wax the car before storing it for the winter because removing plastic covers or tarp can lead to unnecessary scratches on the paint.  A clean car will help avoid these complications.

Fill the tank with fuel so as to keep away air which could lead to fuel contamination and moisture.  Run the motor a few times before storage to get the gas flowing to the carburetor and fuel injectors.

Change the oil before winter storage as this will also cut back on engine contaminants during the hibernation season.

Check the antifreeze level, especially in brutal climates.

Add air to the tires as they tend to deflate when not actively used.

If storing your car offsite, don’t forget to give the offsite location to your insurance carrier.  This may be a requirement of your policy.  Be sure to check policy requirements.

To avoid insects and animal life away from the car, be sure to close all the windows and seal openings like air cleaner and tailpipes with a plastic bag.

Unhook the car battery and place the vehicle on jack stands.

Taking simple precautions can go a long way to safe hibernation of your classic car.  Insurance Solutions Inc. serving Cullman, AL is at your service for all your car insurance needs.  Pick up the phone and get covered in order to be ready to hit the road come spring.