What’s At Risk When Your Home Insurance Lapses?

Homeowner’s insurance is a tool and service, which helps you as the homeowner protect yourself against devastating loss. Should your home experience large-scale, expensive damages such as a fire, flood or natural disaster, the insurance policy would provide money to repair or even rebuild your home. So, what’s at risk when this insurance lapses?

Your Pocketbook

First of all your own pocketbook is at risk. Home repairs for large-scale damages are not usually something that most families simply have sitting around in the budget every month. The truth is most people are not prepared financially to handle large-scale emergency expenses. Should your home experience any large-scale damage during the time of the insurance lapse, then all repairs would come out of your own pocket. This would be devastating for most families.

Legal Vulnerability

Many people do not realize that as a homeowner you are legally responsible for injuries which take place on your property. If someone were to get injured and chose to sue you as the homeowner, you would be legally liable. Your homeowner’s insurance policy insures against this as well. So even in a worst case scenario, your policy would pay any expenses incurred by someone’s injury.

Forced Insurance

Many mortgage companies require that home have an active insurance policy in place. If you allow your insurance to lapse, then the mortgage company will force place insurance on the home. In most cases, this insurance premium will be very expensive and completely out of your control. You will not be able to choose the company or shop around for the best deals. You will also not be eligible for any discounts.

The best way to protect yourself from these risks is to always make your homeowner’s insurance a priority. If you would like to discuss homeowner’s insurance call one of our friendly representatives today at Insurance Solutions Inc. serving Cullman, AL.

What Influences Car Insurance Rates?

Car insurance rates in Cullman, AL, are affected by a number of different things. There are demographic factors, as well as car-related factors, and insurers will look at your driving habits. Insurance Solutions Inc. can help you find the best rate based on your history.

Demographic factors include age, gender, marital status, location, and credit score. Men, especially younger ones, tend to have high rates of accidents statistically and older men have better accident rates. Married people usually have fewer accidents, so getting married can reduce your rate, especially if you have a clean driving record. Those who live in densely populated neighborhoods mean that more cars are on the road, so there is a greater chance of an accident.

The car you drive also affects your rate because some cars lack safety features, are more expensive to repair, or are more likely to be stolen. Insurers will look at the safety rating for the vehicle as well. The safety rating includes how likely a passenger is to get injured and how likely the owner is going to get into an accident. It also looks at different safety features, such as seat belts and traction control. Larger cars usually have good safety ratings because they are generally safer, but engine size also plays a role. The age of the car can play a role because older cars are more likely to be totaled in an accident.

While some of these items you can’t control, your personal driving habits are something you can improve that affects rates. Your driving history and activity is important. If you haven’t been in any accidents or received any tickets, then you may get a better rate. Sometimes your rate will be dependent on what you use your car for and the distance your drive. If you are on the road more, you may be more likely to get into an accident.

Contact Insurance Solutions Inc. serving Cullman, AL, to get a quote on auto insurance.

2 Amazing ATV Trails and 3 Ways To Make Them Even Better

If your ATV’s collecting dust you might need to find “Your Trail.” Forget about work. Dust that bad boy off instead and claim your weekend. Folks, America has the most wide-ranging terrain on Earth. Amazing ATV trails are everywhere, waiting for riders seeking some next-level thrills. All you have to do is find them, let the dirt fly, and fall in love again. It’s time for a road trip.

Hatfield McCoy and Paiute Trail Systems

Located in West-Virginia, Hatfield McCoy consists of eight trails, 700 miles long. With options for every experience level, it’s the communities that stand out. Using connecting trails, riders can reach local towns friendly to ATV enthusiasts and experience a bit of southern charm.

Like Hatfield McCoy, Paiute’s nearly 3,000-mile trail passes through many different ATV-friendly towns. What really makes the trail unique is its diverse scenery, such as massive ridges, breathtaking Aspen groves, and beautiful canyon paths.

Better Come Prepared.

A flat tire can ruin your trip so keep a 12-volt air pump on hand. First Aid Kits, food, plenty of water, and cargo straps to keep everything together are also essential for serious riders.

Many people enjoy night riding. Investing in super bright LED lights can extend your fun while keeping you safe as well.

Protect Your Ride

Here in Cullman, AL, Insurance Solutions Inc. knows the importance of having proper coverage on your ATV. While most think collisions, it’s easy to damage someone else’s property.

If you’re from Cullman, AL, Insurance Solutions Inc. can help you find the right policy to handle damages and legal fees, should an owner decide to sue. Contact us today for a quote.

So have fun, be safe, and go throw some dirt.

How Umbrella Insurance Protects You From Liability Risks

Though liability insurance can be helpful when it comes to covering costs after an accident, it can still be incredibly limiting. There is only so much that liability insurance can cover when it comes to damages to person or property. What’s worse is that your costs will rise exponentially if legal action is taken against you. Whether it was your fault or not, you will now have to handle lawyer fees to make sure you don’t end up losing in court. Fortunately, there is a better solution out there to help cover your potential costs.

Umbrella Insurance

While liability insurance covers the bare minimum when it comes to costs, umbrella insurance can take care of you in more ways. Umbrella insurance covers your home and vehicles with liability costs and also covers any legal fees that may arise in the event of an accident. This means that you will have the right legal resources available to you if you get sued due to an accident. Whether it happens within your home or from your automobile, legal fees will be taken care of via your umbrella insurance policy. Your policy can also be increased via increments in the 1-2-million-dollar depending on your preference.

Protect Yourself from Unforeseen Accidents

Accidents can happen at any time. This means that you want to get the best coverage for your home and vehicle to protect your assets from damage. You will also want to protect yourself from any legal fees that can happen due to these accidents. Insurance Solutions Inc. services the Cullman, AL area and provides professional insurance solutions at your convenience. Contact us today to schedule your consultation so our friendly staff of insurance experts can help you find the coverage that you need. Don’t wait until you get into an accident, get Umbrella insurance to protect you and your assets today!

Do Boats Without Motors Require Insurance?

Many boat owners have questions about the insurance coverage requirements for their area. In most states, if you have a boat with a motor, you are required to purchase liability insurance. For boat owners who have vessels without a motor, the circumstances are different. Read on to find out what your options are for boat insurance.

Should You Make An Insurance Purchase?

If you have a vessel that doesn’t have a motor but has substantial value, you can purchase a special policy which protects your craft from a variety of scenarios. Keep in mind, however, that most policies do not cover the boat when it is out of the water or in storage. If your vessel is in storage, the insurance of the storage facility would cover any damage that occurs when on the premises. 

Finding Boat Coverage

Finding the right coverage for your boat without a motor can be challenging. Before you make a purchase, make sure you are doing business with a reputable insurance provider who can give you the coverage you need to prevent losses. Companies such as Insurance Solutions Inc. serving the residents in and around the Cullman, AL area can help guide you through the process and offer options that are designed to fit your individual needs. They have the products and service you need to protect your vessel and prevent losses as a result of covered events that take place on the water.

For more information about boat coverage for residents in and around the Cullman, AL area, call or stop by the office of Insurance Solutions Inc. They have the answers you need and can customize your coverage to give you peace of mind. 


Does Commercial Insurance Cover My Personal Car?

If one of the benefits that your employer offers is a company car, your employer protects the vehicle through commercial insurance. In this case, you do not need to worry about coverage when you are involved in an accident. However, some companies expect their workers to use personal cars when conducting the company’s business. Moreover, if you’re self-employed, you could end up using your car for both personal and business purposes.

This gray area between personal and business car use often raises multiple questions on car insurance. Does commercial insurance cover your car or do you need to rely on your personal auto insurance plan? If you run your own business, will the personal car policy offer the coverage you need or you will need a commercial policy? The answers to these queries depend on your situation and the insurance company you choose to work within Cullman, AL like Insurance Solutions Inc.

Company business and personal car

Large corporations often have commercial insurance policies that cover employees. If you drive your car while on business errands and you are involved in an accident, you may need to claim with your personal auto policy. However, it’s also possible for your employer’s insurance to pay. Make sure you verify the information with your insurer or employer to prepare adequately for the inevitable.

If the employer has covered you, ensure that you understand how the entire procedure will work in case of an accident. Make sure your employer informs you who you need to call when you get into an accident and always carry the insurance information in your car.

No matter which insurance company you contact after an accident, you must inform the insurance adjuster that you were on duty. Your insurer shouldn’t deny your claim, although they may need to recover the money from your employer’s insurer later. 

For more insights on commercial and personal auto insurance, contact Insurance Solutions Inc. in Cullman, AL.



Avoiding Workers Compensation Coverage is a Fatal Mistake

For small businesses in Cullman, AL and elsewhere, getting started may seem like the majority of work, time and energy. However, what is really the highest risk and area where a small business can be wiped out is the sudden financial hit. And the most common way that can occur is not a failed contract or lost sales, it’s with a lawsuit for an injured employee, according to the experts at Insurance Solutions Inc.

Businesses are already required by law in Cullman, AL and elsewhere to provide workers compensation coverage for their employees. This is to ensure that a worker who gets injured in the course of doing his or her duties can be immediately addressed and medically helped without worrying about the cost of the related healthcare. However, many small businesses start off with only a few staff, oftentimes part-time employees, and assume that the cost of a workers compensation plan is a waste of money. While it is an expense, it really should be seen as a critical safety net. All it takes is one mistake and a physical injury, and the small business is then walloped with a million-dollar lawsuit. Remember, there is no real cap on the cost an injury lawsuit in many jurisdictions. So, an injury that may only cost $100,000 in medical bills may cost another $900,000 in pain and suffering without limitations except from the court. Most small businesses would break under such a sudden cost, and the demand for payment after judgment is immediate. There is no payment plan approach to rely on for a break.

The staff at Insurance Solutions Inc. are ready to help. Their expertise is particularly applicable for small businesses and matching policies available to the size, scope, industry and budget of a client. Give them a call today for more help. Don’t wait for an accident to happen; it’s too late then.


Does Classic Car Insurance Allow You To Drive on the Road?

Classic cars are great and for the most part your insurance policy is meant to protect your car and you as well as the other driver should you get into an accident. For those that have a typical auto policy, this is going to be fairly straight forward. For those that have a classic car, you may have a bit more to consider in order to make sure that your car is fully covered. For those that live in the Cullman, AL area, the agents with Insurance Solutions Inc. can help you to find the policy that is going to best protect your car no matter what.

Classic car insurance is something that is not required if you do not intend to drive it on the road. If you are going to drive your car on the road, however, you are going to need to have some sort of policy to keep you legal and to make it possible to drive on the road. Classic car insurance does allow you to drive on the road but depending on the individual tax laws in your state, you may have a restriction on when you can drive on the road in your classic car. For the most part, you cannot drive your classic car every day on the road because you do not pay taxes on a classic car.

This means that for the most part you are going to be limited to one day or less that you can spend on the road. In many areas, classic cars are only allowed to be driven on the road on Sundays to prevent those that do have classic cars from benefiting from road taxes that they do not pay. For those that live in the Cullman, AL area, the agents with Insurance Solutions Inc. can help.  

Does Motorcycle Insurance Cover Medical and Legal Costs?

Motorcycle insurance is a great thing to have for anyone that has a motorcycle and wants to be safe while driving. That being said, there are tons of things that motorcycle insurance covers that you may not be completely aware of. For those that do have a motorcycle and want to be safe when they are driving, a motorcycle policy is going to be the best thing you can do to protect yourself. For those in the Cullman, AL area, the agents with Insurance Solutions Inc. can help you find the perfect policy for your needs.

So, motorcycle insurance covers a wide range of things and one of them is the medical costs that you are going to incur when recovering from an accident. This means that you are going to be able to get some help with your medical costs if you have a policy in place. This does not mean that it will pay all your bills, but rather the amount that you have listed in liability on your policy. In most cases, this means about $10,000 in coverage for those that do end up needing to use the policy.

A motorcycle policy is also going to help cover things like the medical bills of other drivers that are in an accident with you. If you need more coverage or more money to help cover your medical bills, you can always go after the other driver and their car policy to help cover the costs that are left over after your policy pays out. For those that live in the Cullman, AL area, the agents with Insurance Solutions Inc. can help you to find the policy that is going to work best for you and for your individual needs and bike.  

Tips for Winter Storage of Your Classic Car

First and foremost, choose a dry, dark location for storage. Concrete floors work best for keeping away moisture, so a locked garage will serve well for both winterizing and keeping your car safe from burglars.

Second, wash and wax the car before storing it for the winter because removing plastic covers or tarp can lead to unnecessary scratches on the paint.  A clean car will help avoid these complications.

Fill the tank with fuel so as to keep away air which could lead to fuel contamination and moisture.  Run the motor a few times before storage to get the gas flowing to the carburetor and fuel injectors.

Change the oil before winter storage as this will also cut back on engine contaminants during the hibernation season.

Check the antifreeze level, especially in brutal climates.

Add air to the tires as they tend to deflate when not actively used.

If storing your car offsite, don’t forget to give the offsite location to your insurance carrier.  This may be a requirement of your policy.  Be sure to check policy requirements.

To avoid insects and animal life away from the car, be sure to close all the windows and seal openings like air cleaner and tailpipes with a plastic bag.

Unhook the car battery and place the vehicle on jack stands.

Taking simple precautions can go a long way to safe hibernation of your classic car.  Insurance Solutions Inc. serving Cullman, AL is at your service for all your car insurance needs.  Pick up the phone and get covered in order to be ready to hit the road come spring.