Does Motorcycle Insurance Cover Bike Customizations?

Does Motorcycle Insurance Cover Bike Customizations? Whether your bike insurance covers the customizations of your motorcycle depends on its value when you insure it. At Insurance Solutions Inc., we want motorcycle owners in Cullman, AL, to enjoy their bikes and know that they’re fully covered in the event of an accident.  

Insuring a Customized Motorcycle

If you purchased an already customized bike, then when you insure it, the policy covers those customizations. We examine your motorcycle when insuring it and insure it to that valuation. Each policy contains a maximum payout value for each type of coverage.  

The two types of coverage that cover your motorcycle against damage – comprehensive and collision – have policy caps. That means the policy only pays you up to a specific value named in the policy. When you request an insurance quote, we work with you so you know these values in advance. You can request a higher policy maximum, resulting in higher premiums. Doing so ensures that if your motorcycle costs go up, you’ll still have money to replace it if needed.  

Insuring a Motorcycle You Customized After Purchase  

Your bike remains insured at the value of its initial valuation until and unless you update your insurance policy. If you customize the bike after buying insurance, the customizations are not covered unless you update the coverage. That means the insurance would not pay compensation for your amazing paint job or the mural you had airbrushed on it. Any changes to the bike, such as a trunk, upgraded mirrors, etc., would not qualify for compensation either.

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