Do You Need Motorcycle Insurance All Year?

If you own a motorcycle, you can’t wait for warm weather to arrive so you can go for a ride. However, during the winter, you may not use your motorcycle as much or at all. As a result, you may want to cancel your motorcycle insurance coverage. You likely wonder whether it is really needed year-round. Insurance Solutions Inc., serving Cullman, AL, shares some insight into this.

Is Motorcycle Insurance Needed All Year?

In reality, regardless of how many months out of the year you spend on your bike, you can always benefit from having year-round coverage. The reason for this is simple. While your motorcycle is in storage, there are many threats it will be vulnerable to, including theft, vandalism, storm, and fire damage. Without a policy, you would be put out financially to cover the damage expenses.

Then, of course, when a usually warm day rolls around, you may want to take your bike for a spin. Unfortunately, without insurance, this is a bad idea in case you are involved in an accident, which you would be deemed responsible for financially.

What Are Your Options Then?

So, since you should ultimately keep motorcycle coverage all year, are there any options available to cut costs? Speak to your insurance agent about comprehensive coverage throughout the colder months, ensuring your bike is protected from environmental hazards, vandalism, and theft while stored. If you do this, just make sure not to take your motorcycle out on the open road, since you won’t be covered against liability or collision.

If you have questions or would like help creating a motorcycle insurance policy based on your individual needs, contact Insurance Solutions Inc., serving Cullman, AL.