Commercial Insurance Guide: Breaking Down Equipment Breakdown Insurance in Alabama

When you have equipment and machinery in your commercial business in Alabama, you will want to consider getting equipment breakdown insurance. This insurance will cover you in the event of breakdown or failure of your machinery. When those breakdowns occur, you could suffer operations losses.

At Insurance Solutions Inc., we want Cullman, AL business owners to be protected during these business crises. We can help you to have the coverage you need.

What is Equipment Breakdown Insurance?

Equipment breakdown insurance is insurance coverage that will cover you when your operations are interrupted due to equipment or machinery failures. When something breaks down, financial loss is a crisis. 

You worry about the cost of repair, replacement, and every dollar that you lose when your business is interrupted. 

This coverage can be packaged with other elements of your commercial insurance policy.

Benefits of Equipment Breakdown Insurance

Equipment breakdown insurance specifically covers the losses you incur when equipment breaks down. It is separate from your general liability coverage but includes property damage coverage. 

If damage occurs because of breakdown insurance, you can file a claim on your equipment insurance policy. If you lose any other property as a result of equipment failure, that is covered as well. 

For example, if you use a freezer to hold meats in a butcher shop, and the freezer breaks down, you can file a claim on your equipment breakdown insurance. 

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When you are running a business where you need equipment to keep the business going, equipment breakdown insurance can help. At Insurance Solutions Inc., we help Cullman, AL business owners stay protected through crises just like this. Let us help you take this worry off your mind. Call us for a quote today.