Do I Need to Update My Home Insurance Policy Annually?

Home insurance is vital for all homeowners who’d like to protect their property and possessions and protect their families from liability for accidents. So, you’ve held your home insurance coverage and premiums constant, but what about your new swimming pool and security system? Have you factored them in as value-adding additions?

If you haven’t, then your new year policy may not provide an ideal level of coverage, and in case of fire, theft, water damage, or any other misfortune, you may fail to get adequate compensation. As such, it is advisable to review your home insurance policy each year to make sure the policy’s premiums aren’t too costly and the policy still offers proper coverage for your home, possessions, and family.

Ideally, your home insurance policy should get updated each year to reflect your lifestyle and home changes. Here are the home value-changing factors that you should review whenever you update your home insurance policy each year.


Renovation or remodeling improves the appeal and value of your home. As such, you should let your insurer know about such projects so that they can adjust your policy to reflect the current value of your home.

Installing New Security Systems

State-of-the-art security systems reduce the risk of theft or burglary, and they can reduce your premium rates if you let your insurer know about them.

Quitting Smoking

If you quit smoking, you lower the fire risk, and your home insurance premiums should get reduced.

Other incidences that need re-evaluation when updating home insurance policies

Here are other actions or incidences that may lower or raise your home insurance coverage level.

  • Buying expensive home equipment
  • Retirement
  • Adopting pets
  • Renting or leasing the home
  • Adding new features such as pools or hot tubs 

Get an Updated Home Insurance Policy Today

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A Home Insurance Guide for Beginners

Insurance Solutions Inc. is a leading home insurance company in Cullman, AL, offering affordable policies to the customers in this area and the surrounding neighborhoods. As a homeowner, you need to buy a home insurance cover so that you can take care of your home and the persons living inside.

What Does Home Insurance Cover?

In Alabama and around the country, it is required by state laws to have a home insurance policy. However, knowing what is covered is important because it gives homeowners a chance to know where to begin in case of a disaster.

Damages to House Exteriors and Interiors

Vandalism, lightning, hurricanes, and fires are possible disasters that are likely to affect a home. These disasters will inflict considerable damages to the interiors and exteriors of the house. Home insurance policy will cater for the repair of interior and exterior damages. In some instances, the insurance may cater to the complete rebuilding of the house, depending on the damages.

Damage to Personal Belongings

In case of an insured disaster, personal belongings such as appliances, furniture, clothing, and other room contents will be covered. Although you can claim for off-premises coverage of items such as jewelry, there is a limit to what the insurer may reimburse you. In such cases, you need to have extra insurance policies covering the off-premises valuable items.

Personal Liabilities for Injuries Caused

If someone is injured on your property, the home insurance will cover such personal liabilities. Covering for personal liability is common for home insurance, especially if your dog bites neighbors or any other person walking close to your premises. The insurance company will be responsible for medical and lost wages.

If you live in Cullman, AL, and you’re looking for a home insurance policy, visit Insurance Solutions Inc. for more information on a cover that meets your specific needs. 

How to Structure Your Home Insurance in Cullman

When it comes to your home insurance, you might be surprised to learn that there’s a lot of leeway when it comes to your policy. Whether you’re living in a one-bedroom, one-bath, or a mansion, you have the power to create a contract that is specific to your needs in Cullman, AL. Insurance Solutions Inc. wants you to know more about how to structure the terms so you’re happy with the coverage you have. 

Consider the Threats 

Every home will have its own set of threats, depending on where the property is located and what occurs within it. For example, a person running a small woodworking business outside of their garage will have different concerns than their neighbor. They’ll need to account for everything from power tool accidents to potential loss of inventory. Whether your home is more likely to be vandalized or impacted by a major storm, the policy should focus on the biggest risks first. 

Think About Tomorrow 

You don’t have to look too far into the future when it comes to taking out specific coverage for your home. After all, you can always renew in Cullman AL. But at the same time, you do need to consider what’s coming down the pipeline. From renovations to big purchases (e.g., new windows, a big-screen TV, etc.), you should be making a list of the deal-breakers when it comes to your property — whether it’s the structure, the grounds, or all of your personal possessions. 

If you have questions about your policy, it’s time to call Insurance Solutions Inc. We offer home insurance for homeowners of every variety, and our staff is happy to help you answer the big questions and clarify the smaller details. Contact us today to find out more. 

Does Home Insurance Cover Visitor Accidents on My Property?

With home insurance, you can get different types of coverage to protect your home, valuables, and personal assets. These include dwelling, property, and liability coverage. Liability is the coverage that protects you against accidental injuries that may occur on your property. Here’s how liability insurance from Insurance Solutions Inc. can benefit you.

Protection against Accidents

Like most Cullman, AL homeowners, you probably have friends over to your property from time to time for special dinners or holiday parties. If a friend’s injured in an accident while visiting your home, you may be held liable for their medical costs. Liability insurance covers accidental injuries, saving you from having to pay for these bills on your own.

Kitchen mishaps, slips, and falls and dog bites are just a few of the many mishaps that can happen in a home. A serious accident can take a toll on your finances if you had to pay for accidental injuries on your own. That’s why it’s important for Cullman, AL homeowners to include liability coverage as part of their home insurance package.

Protection against Lawsuit

If you’re sued for damages due to an accident on your property, liability insurance will help cover your legal costs. This includes legal fees and cost of settlement, if you lose the lawsuit, up to the limits of your policy.

The more assets you have, the greater your need for liability coverage. Serious liability claims can deplete your savings or retirement funds or cut into your financial investments if you had to resolve these claims on your own. By purchasing sufficient liability coverage to protect your assets, you can be prepared for mishaps that may occur in your home.

For more information on home insurance coverage and costs, contact Insurance Solutions Inc. today.

Home Insurance and Umbrella Insurance: How They Work Together to Protect You

If you own your own home, then you likely already have a fairly comprehensive home insurance policy to keep your protected from fire, vandalism, and damage. But have you considered the threats that can happen outside of these relatively straightforward events? If you live in Cullman, AL, Insurance Solutions Inc. can tell you more about what umbrella insurance is and why you might want to have it if you own a home. 

Lawsuits and Liability 

Umbrella insurance is there for you when you reach the liability limits on your regular insurance policy. When it comes to home insurance, there’s an amount in your policy that represents how much you’ll be given in the event of a liability claim. Because claims can drag on for years, carriers have to cut off the support at some point. Every policy amount will be different, but most policies have at least one thing in common: it’s not always enough to cover a serious liability claim.

A Liability Scenario 

Let’s say that your mailman trips over a small hole that your child dug in the front yard. The mailman not only falls, but he falls in such a way that he needs multiple back surgeries and suffers from chronic pain after he’s released from the hospital. This extreme example is not as uncommon as you might think. When you’ve reached the limits on your home insurance, umbrella insurance picks up where it left off. 

Insurance Solutions Inc. can help homeowners understand how their policies can work together to give them the maximum amount of coverage. If you want to understand more about how property owners can protect their investments in Cullman, AL, give us a call today for a quote or just to review the coverage terms for our policies. 

Home Insurance for a Second Home

If you are thinking about getting a second home, be sure to consult with your agent at Insurance Solutions Inc. serving Cullman, AL and the surrounding area, to make sure you have adequate insurance for your primary residence and your second home.

The things to discuss with your agent include the occupancy expected for both the second home and the original residence, whether either home will be rented out for part of the time, and what changes may need to be made to your existing home insurance coverage.


Insurance coverage may need to be adjusted if either home will be left vacant for an extended period. Vacant homes tend to attract more burglaries and vandalism. Talk this over with your agent because you can do things to reduce this risk, such as install an alarm system or have a caretaker watch the property when the home is vacant.

Renting Out the Home(s)

If either home will be rented out, this is considered a commercial activity. The type of insurance needed for a home that is rented out is different from standard home insurance for an owner-occupied home.

Personal Property

Be sure to take an inventory of all personal property that will be left in the home(s), especially if you plan to rent a home that is furnished or partially-furnished. Insurance coverage to protect against damage caused by a renter is different from the coverage needed for a homeowner’s personal property.

Flood Insurance

Flood insurance is a separate policy from home insurance. We are recommending considering it for all homes, due to the surprising changes in the weather patterns being caused by climate change.

Contact your agent at Insurance Solutions Inc. in Cullman, AL for a home insurance review and to get a quote for home insurance for a second home.

Is Your Home Safe for the Holidays?

The holidays can be stressful enough without worrying about home safety or the risk of accidents. The following safety tips from Insurance Solutions Inc. can take the stress out of your celebrations by making your Cullman, AL home a safer abode for the holidays.

Christmas Tree

Freshly cut trees are more resistant to fires, making them better choices if you’re going for a live tree. Before putting the tree in your stand, cut a groove at the bottom as this helps the tree absorb water and stay fresher longer. Secure your tree to a hook on the wall or curtain rod with fishing line to keep it from falling over. If you’re getting an artificial tree, make sure it’s fire-resistant.

Christmas Lights

Check all Christmas lights before putting them up to ensure they’re in good condition. Frayed strands or cracked sockets can be a fire hazard. If you’re going out for the evening, turn your lights off. Always turn off lights before retiring for the night. Avoid overloading your tree or house with excessive lights.


Keep small children away from the kitchen during meal prep and make sure someone is watching the oven and stove whenever it’s in use. When cooking food on the stove, turn pot handles inward to reduce the risk of accidents. Be careful when serving hot foods as splashes of gravy or hot drinks can easily cause burns. Supervise children around hot foods or drinks to avoid accidents.

Smoke Alarm

Put fresh batteries in your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors and ensure they’re working properly. Keep a workable fire extinguisher in the home and know how to use it.

Don’t forget to review your home insurance policy to ensure you’re protected against holiday accidents. To learn more about home insurance coverage, call or visit Insurance Solutions Inc. in Cullman, AL.

Importance of Home Liability Protection

Liability coverage is an important part of your home insurance policy. Liability insurance protects you against accidents that may occur while people are visiting your home. If a visitor trips over your pet and sprains his ankle, you could be held responsible. Liability coverage protects you against being sued by covering your visitor’s x-rays and other medical costs. Here are a few ways personal liability insurance from Insurance Solutions Inc. in Cullman, AL can protect your assets.

Covers Medical Costs and Lost Wages

If you’re constantly inviting friends over for dinner or hosting holiday parties, liability coverage is a must to protect yourself against accidental injuries that may occur on your property. Accidents happen all the time, leaving you at risk of being sued for damages. Liability insurance helps cover medical expenses, property damage and lost wages of people who have accidents on your property (if the accident leaves your visitor temporarily incapable of working) to protect your assets. 

Protects You against Lawsuits

Liability insurance also covers legal expenses if a visitor decides to sue you for damages after having an accident on your property. If you’re found liable for the accident due to negligence, your liability coverage will help cover settlement costs, up to the limits of your policy. A serious accident could deplete your savings if you had to pay for damages out-of-pocket. Smart homeowners will be prepared with adequate insurance coverage.

Provides “Away from Home” Protection

Liability insurance can even protect you when you’re traveling by paying for damage you cause to other people’s property. If, for example, your children accidentally damage the flat-screen TV in the hotel you’re staying in while on vacation, liability coverage can help cover repair or replacement costs. 

To learn more about personal liability coverage and the protection it has to offer, contact Insurance Solutions Inc. in Cullman, AL.

Do I Always Need Home Insurance

If you purchase a home, you are making one of the biggest investments of your life. Because of this, you need to make sure that you are properly protecting your asset through a home insurance policy. While some people may want to save money by not paying for home insurance, there are several reasons why you need to have home insurance in place at all times.

Required by Mortgage Lenders and Associations

One reason why you need to have home insurance in place at all times on your Cullman, AL area home is that it will be required by your mortgage lender and any home association that you are a part of. Your mortgage lender will likely verify your home insurance compliance on an annual basis and could also escrow your monthly payments as it will help to protect their collateral. Your association may also want to ensure that you have insurance to confirm that you can afford to repair your home and make restitution if you are found liable for damage to another owner’s asset.

Protects Equity

Even if you do not have a mortgage or are not part of an association, you will want to have home insurance as it will help to protect your equity. One of the advantages of having a home that you own is that you can build equity over a long period of time. When you have home insurance in place, it will help to ensure this equity is properly protected. 

When you are ready to start shopping for insurance for your Cullman, AL home, you should meet with the team at Insurance Solutions Inc. first. The Insurance Solutions Inc. professionals can help you find a home insurance policy that will provide you with the right level of coverage. 





What’s At Risk When Your Home Insurance Lapses?

Homeowner’s insurance is a tool and service, which helps you as the homeowner protect yourself against devastating loss. Should your home experience large-scale, expensive damages such as a fire, flood or natural disaster, the insurance policy would provide money to repair or even rebuild your home. So, what’s at risk when this insurance lapses?

Your Pocketbook

First of all your own pocketbook is at risk. Home repairs for large-scale damages are not usually something that most families simply have sitting around in the budget every month. The truth is most people are not prepared financially to handle large-scale emergency expenses. Should your home experience any large-scale damage during the time of the insurance lapse, then all repairs would come out of your own pocket. This would be devastating for most families.

Legal Vulnerability

Many people do not realize that as a homeowner you are legally responsible for injuries which take place on your property. If someone were to get injured and chose to sue you as the homeowner, you would be legally liable. Your homeowner’s insurance policy insures against this as well. So even in a worst case scenario, your policy would pay any expenses incurred by someone’s injury.

Forced Insurance

Many mortgage companies require that home have an active insurance policy in place. If you allow your insurance to lapse, then the mortgage company will force place insurance on the home. In most cases, this insurance premium will be very expensive and completely out of your control. You will not be able to choose the company or shop around for the best deals. You will also not be eligible for any discounts.

The best way to protect yourself from these risks is to always make your homeowner’s insurance a priority. If you would like to discuss homeowner’s insurance call one of our friendly representatives today at Insurance Solutions Inc. serving Cullman, AL.