What Your RV Car Insurance Does NOT Cover

In Cullman, AL, a large number of people enjoy camping with an RV. However, they might not understand what their insurance does and does not cover. Fully understanding your benefits can ensure that you get the best proper coverage from companies such as Insurance Solutions Inc.

Personal Items Are Not Covered

If you have a large number of personal items in your RV when camping, they are likely not covered in your insurance policy. That’s because the policy is designed to cover damage to the camper and its mechanics, not your personal items.

In some cases, your personal items may be covered by some types of homeowner’s policy. However, you need to expand your coverage to include these items. Failure to do so will put you in a painful situation. You are likely to lose all your items if a fire or a wreck destroys them.

Vacation Liability Is Extra

When you go on a vacation with your RV, you need to make sure that you specify vacation liability on your policy. It typically covers a wide range of damage types, including bodily injury and property damage that occurs while you are living in an RV during a vacation.

Total Loss Replacement Is Limited

If your RV is over one year old, most policies won’t cover total loss replacement. However, you might receive a payment for part of the damage to your RV or an actual cash value. Beyond these limitations, custom equipment may also not be covered by many RV policies. However, you may be able to expand your policy to meet these limitations.

So if you have an RV and want high-quality insurance, don’t hesitate to contact us at Insurance Solutions Inc. We can help people in Cullman, AL and the surrounding area get the high-quality coverage that they need for their RV.