What is Typically Covered by Classic Car Insurance?

Classic Car Insurance is specifically made for car collectors to protect their vintage vehicles. This type of coverage may apply from original Ford Model T’s to Mustangs from the 1990’s. If you want to protect your precious collectible car, consider consulting with Insurance Solutions Inc. for a great deal.

Classic car insurance covers the basic like any other car insurance. This may include collision, comprehensive, liability, and medical bills. Food and lodging bills may also be included in the event that your car breaks down on the highway. Just like a regular car, you are obligated to have insurance in Cullman, AL.

Roadside assistance is a feature that is unique to most classic car insurance plans. If you need help transporting your car, a truck will be dispatched to prevent damaging your delicate classic car.

Since classic cars are often on display or at events, coverage may be applied when it is used by someone else. Even if dealerships display your classic car at a show, coverage will still apply. There is also the option of liability coverage when your car is at an exhibit, meaning that it covers lawsuits from accidents from your exhibit area.

Keep in mind, many insurance providers will only want to ensure cars that have limited usage. It is not unusual for yearly travel distances to be capped out at under 10,000 miles in order for coverage to be applied. This means that you are discouraged from using your car as a regular transport or for long-distance trips.

If you want to protect your investment, then classic car insurance is your ideal option. Keep in mind that not all classic insurance plans are created equally, which is why you need to shop around in your area. If you are in Cullman, AL, a good place to start is Insurance Solutions Inc.