What Does RV Insurance Cover?

If you have purchased an RV, you may be looking to purchase RV insurance to protect your investment in the recreational vehicle. One of the questions that we at Insurance Solutions Inc. serving Cullman, AL, are frequently asked is what RV insurance covers. There are different types of coverage you can buy when buying RV insurance. Here are what the primary types of coverage covers. 


Collision coverage helps to protect you in case of an accident in the RV. If you hit someone or if someone hits you, this type of insurance helps to pay for the damage done to both vehicles. The exact amount varies based on the coverage level you select. If you own an RV, almost every state requires you to carry a minimum amount of collision insurance. 


Comprehensive cover helps to protect against many of the types of damage that are not caused by an accident where someone collides into you. This may include acts of vandalism, theft, or even damage caused by storms. Unless you have a loan against the RV, you may not be required to carry comprehensive coverage. But it is a good idea to help protect your investment. 


The last type of coverage is uninsured/underinsured. This protects you in case someone who collides with your RV doesn’t have RV or auto insurance or doesn’t have enough to fully cover the repairs needed. This ensures you do not have to come out of pocket and pay for the damage they caused. Once again, the amount of coverage you have will vary based on the policy limits you select. 

If you are looking to purchase RV insurance in the greater Culllman, AL area, let Insurance Solutions Inc. help. Call us today for an estimate or to get answers to any questions you may have.