What Does a Comprehensive Auto Policy Cover?

In the state of Alabama, drivers are required to have at least the state-required minimum amount of liability insurance. The minimum liability required is $25,000 per person with a total of $50,000 per accident and $25,000 in property damage. Given the cost of medical services and the cost of cars, this really is a very basic amount of auto insurance. At Insurance Solutions Inc. in Cullman, AL we know that this is not enough coverage for each and every person and we sit down with our customers to determine the best coverages for their particular vehicle and financial situation. 

Comprehensive coverage is additional coverage that protects your vehicle. It is often combined with collision coverage. It is non-collision insurance. It helps you to repair your car when things happen to it that are beyond your control. It can be a deer that darts into the road in front of your car or a hail storm that leaves your car covered in dents. If your car is stolen or vandalized, it is comprehensive insurance that can help you to replace it. Glass coverage is often part of this coverage and being able to get your windshield repaired or replaced quickly without a deductible is something that almost everyone will use at one time or other. 

Auto insurance can be tailored to each individual’s needs and getting to know our clients helps us to provide them with the insurance that is just right for them. At Insurance Solution Inc. we have a team of experienced agents who will take the time to get it just right for you. Give the office of Insurance Solutions Inc. in Cullman, AL a call or stop by for a no-obligation quote. You can also use our online rating tool to get a quote before you stop by.