Is An “Old” Car A “Classic” Car?

That depends upon what the state DMV thinks. There isn’t a consensus among all 50 states, so each state has its own standard for what is considered "old" and "classic." One facet of the discussion is that getting parts (including body parts) for cars older than ten years is getting more and more difficult. 

This makes some state DMVs consider them "old," and they’re handled differently. For some states, "old" cars begin at ten years, while others start at 30 years. It takes 30 years for a vehicle to be "classic." 

What Insurance Companies Think

Each company has its own requirements before it insures a classic car. Most classic cars can only be operated in parades, car club shows, and car exhibitions. 

They must have special plates. They can’t be driven daily (the mileage must tally up properly.) Be sure to check with Insurance Solutions Inc. for company-specific requirements for classic cars. Here’s what else you should know about classic car insurance.

Custom Work On A Classic Car

Original parts to repair a classic car are a bit difficult to find. That’s covered in classic car insurance. What isn’t covered, which differs from insurer to insurer, is custom work on a classic car. Your insurance covers modifications you made to the car. 

Let’s say the vehicle is stolen and operated by a thief. Your Insurance Solutions Inc. policy will replace your classic car up to the limits discussed when you took out the policy. 

Your Classic SUV Is Covered, Too

It’s not often you see a 1975 GMC Jimmy on the road, but there are some out there. Even if the brand is past the 30-year-old requirement, it’s still insured as a classic.

Classic cars are poetry in motion. Insurance Solutions Inc. wants yours to grace the roads of Cullman, AL fully protected with classic car insurance. 

Umbrella Insurance: An Extra Layer of Protection for Life’s Unexpected Storms

Life is unpredictable and often presents us with unexpected challenges. These unforeseen events can sometimes be financially draining, especially if they lead to liabilities your standard insurance coverage cannot handle. For residents in Cullman, AL, Insurance Solutions Inc. offers umbrella insurance, a safety net that provides an additional layer of liability protection.

Umbrella Insurance: An Extra Layer of Liability Protection

Umbrella Insurance provides an extra layer of liability protection when the limits of your standard insurance are exhausted. It’s an essential consideration for anyone seeking comprehensive coverage. This insurance provides an ‘umbrella’ of coverage over and above your primary insurance policies. It helps protect you from significant and potentially devastating liability claims or judgments. Imagine having insurance coverage to safeguard your assets, savings, and future income from being wiped out due to an unfortunate incident.

Protect Your Financial Assets Now and In the Future

We understand the importance of having comprehensive coverage that secures you and your loved ones. Our umbrella policies are designed to provide an extra cushion of security, ensuring you are well protected against life’s unexpected storms. An umbrella cannot stop the rain, but it can keep you dry. Similarly, umbrella insurance does not prevent accidents or mishaps but provides the financial protection you need when they occur. Hopefully, you will never need it – but it’s better to have all your assets covered just in case.

Contact Insurance Solutions Inc. Today 

So, if you’re based in Cullman, AL, and are considering adding an extra layer of insurance protection to your life, contact us at Insurance Solutions Inc. We’re here to guide you through the process, ensuring you understand every aspect of your decision.

Four Tips to Get the Most From Your ATV Insurance

Riding an ATV is a great way to get out, explore nature, and have adventures you can’t have on paved roads. But it would be best if you also were careful to protect yourself, your vehicle, and any passengers you take. If you’re in the Cullman, AL area, Insurance Solutions Inc. can help you get the right type and level of coverage for your ATV. Then, you can ride with more peace of mind and spend time focused on all the fun you’re having. Here are four essential tips to consider.

  1. Ensure you understand what the different types and levels of coverage really offer.
  2. Work with your lienholder if your ATV is financed to ensure proper protection.
  3. Review your policy every year at the minimum, and make any needed changes.
  4. Talk to your agent about the different insurers and their policies to get the right one.

While it may seem unneeded because you’re not riding on roads with other vehicles, ATV insurance is still very important. It’s about more than just protecting yourself from other cars. There are risks to off-road adventures, and you want to ensure you and your passengers are adequately covered. It would be best if you were also sure that you’re covering your vehicle from loss or damage in case you’re involved in an accident while on the sand or trails.

If you’re in the Cullman, AL area and looking for ATV insurance, contact us at Insurance Solutions Inc. today and get the help and support you need. Our trusted agents understand that you need the right insurance for your specific situation, and we want to ensure you’re making a knowledgeable decision when choosing an insurance policy.

When should a business owner in Alabama get commercial insurance?

Owning a business can be an excellent option for many people in the Cullman, AL area. If you start and run a business here, you will want to know you are getting the right insurance. A great way this can be done is by getting commercial insurance. There are various situations when a business owner in this part of Alabama should get commercial insurance.

When Serving Customers

A situation when you will need to have commercial insurance for your business is when you are serving customers. No matter what industry you are in, having insurance is essential when working with clients. A company will always face liability risks when offering a product or service. If you have a full commercial insurance plan, it will give coverage if your business is found liable for injuries or other damages sustained by a client due to the use of your product. 

When Signing Various Agreements

Today’s businesses will have to enter into various agreements with other parties, including lenders, investors, property owners, vendors, and clients. In many cases, these agreements require you to maintain a type and level of insurance. If you continue to have a commercial insurance plan in place, you will be in good standing with such requirements. 

Getting a commercial insurance plan is always a good idea for a business owner in the Cullman, AL area. When you are ready to start looking for coverage, it would be a great idea to call our team at Insurance Solutions Inc. Our insurance team with Insurance Solutions Inc. know the value of this coverage and will ensure you get into a plan that adequately covers your business. 

How You’re Protected by Home Insurance

Home insurance is a crucial way to protect your home. So many things can happen to a house. It’s never a good idea to go without insurance protection. There are many types of protection that are important for you. Home insurance can help you in several ways during an emergency. If you’re buying a home and need a home policy, call us at Insurance Solutions Inc. in Cullman, AL.

Protection for Your Home

One of the most important types of protection you get from these policies is for the house itself. When you have home insurance, it covers a wide range of damage that can happen to the home. This often includes coverage for specific disasters and accidents that can cause damage, calamities, etc. When something covered happens that causes damage, the policy will pay for you to get repairs. Repairs can be extremely costly without any home insurance to pay for them. 

Protection for Your Belongings

Another vital coverage type is protection for all your belongings in the home. When a covered event happens and your items are damaged, the policy can pay for replacing them. Consider how much all the items in your house would cost to replace, and you can see why this type of coverage is so important. 

Protection for Liability

When you have someone over who gets injured at your home, their medical bills will be your responsibility. With home insurance, that liability is covered. The policy can pay the bills and other things like lost wages, so you won’t have to. 

Get Home Insurance 

If you don’t have home insurance, it’s time to get it. Call us at Insurance Solutions Inc. in Cullman, AL to learn more.

Does Motorcycle Insurance Cover Bike Customizations?

Does Motorcycle Insurance Cover Bike Customizations? Whether your bike insurance covers the customizations of your motorcycle depends on its value when you insure it. At Insurance Solutions Inc., we want motorcycle owners in Cullman, AL, to enjoy their bikes and know that they’re fully covered in the event of an accident.  

Insuring a Customized Motorcycle

If you purchased an already customized bike, then when you insure it, the policy covers those customizations. We examine your motorcycle when insuring it and insure it to that valuation. Each policy contains a maximum payout value for each type of coverage.  

The two types of coverage that cover your motorcycle against damage – comprehensive and collision – have policy caps. That means the policy only pays you up to a specific value named in the policy. When you request an insurance quote, we work with you so you know these values in advance. You can request a higher policy maximum, resulting in higher premiums. Doing so ensures that if your motorcycle costs go up, you’ll still have money to replace it if needed.  

Insuring a Motorcycle You Customized After Purchase  

Your bike remains insured at the value of its initial valuation until and unless you update your insurance policy. If you customize the bike after buying insurance, the customizations are not covered unless you update the coverage. That means the insurance would not pay compensation for your amazing paint job or the mural you had airbrushed on it. Any changes to the bike, such as a trunk, upgraded mirrors, etc., would not qualify for compensation either.

Contact Insurance Solutions Inc. Today

Contact your insurance agent at Insurance Solutions Inc., serving Cullman, AL, to update your policy; you can obtain a new bike valuation. Your updated policy will cover everything. Let us know when you plan to update or upgrade your motorcycle, and we’ll help you by providing insurance quotes that reflect the changes.

How to Reduce Risks While Boating This Summer

Boating can offer tons of fun for the whole family. Whether you want to go fishing, swimming, or are looking to cruise the waterways, a boat can provide plenty of entertainment opportunities. That said, if you enjoy some time out on the water, it’s essential to mitigate risks. Among other things, that means ensuring you have the proper safety equipment and boating insurance. If you’re looking for boat insurance in Cullman, AL, contact Insurance Solutions Inc. immediately to discuss options.

Safety Equipment is a Must

It’s always crucial to ensure that you have enough lifevests on hand. Other personal floatation devices, such as a life ring, should also be on board. An emergency radio, GPS location devices, and other equipment are also wise.

Hopefully, you never suffer an accident or breakdown, but the proper safety equipment can save lives if the day comes. Flares, for example, will make you more visible, thus reducing the risk of further accidents. A fire extinguisher should also be on board, as should a first aid kit.

The Right Boater’s Insurance Reduces Risks

Unfortunately, accidents happen. Another boater might collide with you, for example. Storms and other events can also damage boats. A guest might become hurt, perhaps in an accident or while swimming or whatever else. If a boat owner doesn’t have boat insurance, they could end up on the hook for much, if not most, of the costs of an event involving their vessel.

Boating insurance policies can provide financial protection during a variety of events. It’s important, however, to speak with an insurance agent and to closely study boating insurance policies to see what is and is not covered.

If you need boat insurance in Cullman, AL, contact Insurance Solutions Inc.

What Does Classic Car Insurance Cover?

Serving the Cullman, AL area, the agents at Insurance Solutions Inc. want you to understand what classic car insurance covers so that your pride and joy will be financially covered and appropriately protected.

Classic Car Requirements in Alabama

In Alabama, a vehicle must be 25 years or older and have a collectible value to be considered a classic car. Classic car insurance is different from regular auto insurance and the fact that it takes into consideration the unique value and risks of a vintage or antique car versus a regular vehicle.

Under Alabama law, classic car owners are required to have the same auto liability insurance as all other drivers of motor vehicles. This will cover damages or injuries that are caused to others in an accident.

What Does Classic Car Insurance Cover?

There are other additional coverage options you can choose from for your classic car, including comprehensive insurance that will help replace or repair it if it’s damaged in a natural disaster or some other tragic event. You can also obtain collision insurance that will help you out if you collide with another vehicle or an object while you are behind the wheel of your classic car. You may even be able to get roadside assistance but keep in mind that you cannot drive your classic car to the grocery store, to work, or to some other commonplace. It would be best if you only drive your classic car when heading to a parade, a car show, or some other special event.

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To obtain an adequate amount of classic car insurance to protect your gorgeous ride, contact the insurance agents at Insurance Solutions Inc. in Cullman, AL today!

Does Commercial Insurance Cover Heavy Equipment on the Job Site?

Having the right commercial insurance is important for operating your business securely. In instances where heavy equipment is required to operate your business daily, you’ll want to know your coverage options to avoid coverage gaps and risks associated with owning heavy equipment. If you’re currently in the market for quality commercial insurance, our insurance professionals at Insurance Solutions Inc. can help. We take pride in offering the residents of Cullman, AL, the insurance products they need.

Insuring Heavy Equipment 

Commercial Insurance provides coverage for various risks. However, most policies won’t cover heavy equipment needed to perform daily tasks. There are optional insurance policies specifically designed to cover heavy commercial equipment that can be added to an existing commercial policy to provide a complete umbrella of protection.

Our insurance team members can work closely with each individual to determine their coverage requirements and offer insurance solutions that meet or exceed their current needs. We work one-on-one with each customer to help them get the peace of mind that commercial insurance can offer. In addition to providing excellent service to help you find the right policy, we also offer ongoing support for the lifetime of your insurance products.

Find Out More 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding commercial insurance or details associated with owning heavy equipment, call or stop by the office of Insurance Solutions Inc. We take pride in offering the residents of Cullman, AL, the insurance products and services they need to secure their businesses and avoid losses associated with industry-related risks. We look forward to working with you and providing you with the support and information you need to make good choices regarding securing insurance coverage.

How Umbrella Insurance Can Protect Your Assets Beyond Your Primary Policy Limits

Umbrella insurance offers an extra layer of protection for your assets beyond the limits of your primary policy. Having this additional coverage can provide you with peace of mind knowing that you are well-protected in the event of a serious accident or expensive lawsuit. Insurance Solutions Inc., serving the Cullman, AL area, offers umbrella policies to help protect what you value most.

Examples of How Umbrella Insurance Can Cover You

Umbrella insurance is an additional layer of liability coverage that protects you from catastrophic losses, such as a major lawsuit or accident where the damages exceed your primary policy limits. It can provide coverage for legal defense costs and judgments in excess of the limits on your primary policy. Here are some examples of how umbrella insurance can cover you:

  1. Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability: Umbrella insurance covers damages caused by your negligence, such as a car accident where you are at fault or if someone gets hurt on your property.
  2. Personal Injury Liability: If a guest to your home is injured due to your negligence, umbrella insurance will cover the medical bills and any legal costs for litigation that may follow.
  3. Defamation Liability: If an allegation of libel or slander is made against you, umbrella insurance can provide coverage for both legal defense costs and judgments in excess of the limits on your primary policy.
  4. Employer’s Liability: If you own a business and an employee is injured while at work, umbrella insurance can provide coverage for medical bills, legal defense costs, and judgments that exceed the limits of your primary policy.

Final Thoughts

Umbrella insurance helps protect what you value most from being exposed to potentially ruinous financial losses. Insurance Solutions Inc., serving Cullman, AL area, offers umbrella policies tailored to meet your individual needs. Let us help put your mind at ease with expert advice on how we can best protect you with our umbrella insurance solutions.