RV Maintenance Tips For The Summer

Getting the most out of your RV ownership will depend heavily on how you take care of the vehicle. Before heading out for your summer road-tripping this year, check out these RV maintenance tips from Insurance Solutions Inc., serving Cullman, AL, and the surrounding areas. 


It is important that you make sure your HVAC system in the RV is in good working order. The last thing you want on a road trip is no air conditioning. The HVAC system on an RV is very similar to that of a home. The filters need to be changed regularly, and the entire system will need a tune-up once a year or so. 


Awnings might be the last thing you consider when thinking about maintenance, but awnings need to be checked out about once a year. You should check the awnings for rips, tears, or weak spots. These should be repaired before you head out on your next trip. 


If you have had your RV for a while, you need to inspect the roof for damage. Because an RV might spend a lot of time each year parked, it is susceptible to roof damage. Be sure to have this fixed before getting out in the RV. 

Mechanical Maintenance

You should have your RV checked out by a mechanic before heading out on any extended trips. You want to ensure that all vehicle fluids are right and that there are no major mechanical problems. If there are issues, be sure to get those fixed, no matter how small. 

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