Protecting Your Classic Car with the Right Coverage

Your classic car is a joy in your life.  Whether you restored it yourself or you just enjoy showing it off, you need the right insurance to protect it.  Classic cars themselves do not need traditional car insurance if they are not going to be driven on the roads.  If, however, you intend to take your beauty to car shows and club meetings, you will need insurance to cover it while you are on the road.  The team at Insurance Solutions Inc. know how important that special car is to you.  They work with classic car owners in the Cullman, AL area every day to make sure that they are covered when they venture out onto the open road.

In Alabama, the state identifies a classic or vintage car as one that is over 30 years old and has the same or similar appearance to the original car design.  The designation includes trucks, fire trucks, motorcycles, as well as, passenger vehicles.  When the vehicle is registered, plates designating it as a special vehicle as authorized.  This allows the owner to operate the vehicle on the road one day a week.

The team at Insurance Solutions Inc. works with vintage car owners in the Cullman, AL area to secure the best possible insurance for these vehicles.  As they are only driven occasionally, insurance policies that are formulated for the unique needs of classic car owners.  Your agent at Insurance Solutions Inc. knows that you want to show off your vintage car, so they will work to bring you the best coverage options.  They will also discuss the terms of the available policies so that you can make the best decision for your situation.  Get the coverage you need for a beautiful classic car.  Call today!