Why it Makes Sense to Review Your ATV Insurance Now

Summertime is the perfect time to get out and enjoy your ATV, but before you do, the team at Insurance Solutions Inc. recommends that you have your insurance policy reviewed. It is surprising how many people in the greater Cullman, AL don’t think too much about their need for comprehensive ATV insurance. Even if you ride on private property, it’s still a good idea to have robust insurance! We are here to help you find a policy that meets your needs.

Review Your ATV Insurance Before Summer Gets Here

Now is the perfect time to take a closer look at your ATV policy. Many folks think that because they ride on private land, their needs are covered by a basic policy. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. In the event that you or a passenger are involved in a mishap that causing injury, you will want to have the appropriate coverage. Comprehensive coverage can also take care of loss or damage to your vehicle, or provide compensation if your ATV is stolen. These types of features are available with a comprehensive policy, while most basic coverage lacks this level of protection. Don’t find out that your policy doesn’t have the coverage you need after the fact. Take the time now to thoroughly review your policy and make any necessary changes before it’s too late. 

Are you an ATV enthusiast in the greater Cullman, AL area? Insurance Solutions Inc. is here to help you manage all of your insurance needs. Whether you are looking for ATV insurance or would like to have your policy reviewed for completeness, give us a call. Feel free to call or stop by to meet with one of our knowledgeable agents and learn more about your ATV policy options.

Home Insurance and Umbrella Insurance: How They Work Together to Protect You

If you own your own home, then you likely already have a fairly comprehensive home insurance policy to keep your protected from fire, vandalism, and damage. But have you considered the threats that can happen outside of these relatively straightforward events? If you live in Cullman, AL, Insurance Solutions Inc. can tell you more about what umbrella insurance is and why you might want to have it if you own a home. 

Lawsuits and Liability 

Umbrella insurance is there for you when you reach the liability limits on your regular insurance policy. When it comes to home insurance, there’s an amount in your policy that represents how much you’ll be given in the event of a liability claim. Because claims can drag on for years, carriers have to cut off the support at some point. Every policy amount will be different, but most policies have at least one thing in common: it’s not always enough to cover a serious liability claim.

A Liability Scenario 

Let’s say that your mailman trips over a small hole that your child dug in the front yard. The mailman not only falls, but he falls in such a way that he needs multiple back surgeries and suffers from chronic pain after he’s released from the hospital. This extreme example is not as uncommon as you might think. When you’ve reached the limits on your home insurance, umbrella insurance picks up where it left off. 

Insurance Solutions Inc. can help homeowners understand how their policies can work together to give them the maximum amount of coverage. If you want to understand more about how property owners can protect their investments in Cullman, AL, give us a call today for a quote or just to review the coverage terms for our policies. 

Need Commercial Insurance? 6 Questions to Ask Your Agent

If you’re about to start up a business, commercial insurance might be one of the things that’s on your mind. At Insurance Solutions Inc. we can help you find the right type and level of policy to meet your needs and protect your business interests. If you’re in the Cullman, AL area, we’re here for you. Not sure what to ask when you reach out? We can help with that, as well. Here are six of the most important questions to ask your agent when you’re trying to find the insurance policy that’s right for your business.

1. Do I need a business policy at all, or can I go without one?

2. What all does a commercial policy cover for the type of business I have?

3. How often should my insurance policy be updated to reflect changes in my operations?

4. Does a business insurance policy protect my customers or clients and my employees, as well?

5. Do I have options for different companies where I can get my insurance policy?

6. Who do I ask if I have questions about my policy in the future?

There are plenty of other questions you might have, but these are some of the most important ones to start with. Contact us at Insurance Solutions Inc. today by giving us a call or stopping by, and we’ll get you started on finding the commercial insurance policy that’s right for your Cullman, AL area business. We know it’s not always easy to navigate everything that you need to do when you’re a business owner, but we can take the worries you might have about insurance away by giving you good advice and a policy that protects you. Then you can have peace of mind, and get back to running the business you love.

Home Insurance for a Second Home

If you are thinking about getting a second home, be sure to consult with your agent at Insurance Solutions Inc. serving Cullman, AL and the surrounding area, to make sure you have adequate insurance for your primary residence and your second home.

The things to discuss with your agent include the occupancy expected for both the second home and the original residence, whether either home will be rented out for part of the time, and what changes may need to be made to your existing home insurance coverage.


Insurance coverage may need to be adjusted if either home will be left vacant for an extended period. Vacant homes tend to attract more burglaries and vandalism. Talk this over with your agent because you can do things to reduce this risk, such as install an alarm system or have a caretaker watch the property when the home is vacant.

Renting Out the Home(s)

If either home will be rented out, this is considered a commercial activity. The type of insurance needed for a home that is rented out is different from standard home insurance for an owner-occupied home.

Personal Property

Be sure to take an inventory of all personal property that will be left in the home(s), especially if you plan to rent a home that is furnished or partially-furnished. Insurance coverage to protect against damage caused by a renter is different from the coverage needed for a homeowner’s personal property.

Flood Insurance

Flood insurance is a separate policy from home insurance. We are recommending considering it for all homes, due to the surprising changes in the weather patterns being caused by climate change.

Contact your agent at Insurance Solutions Inc. in Cullman, AL for a home insurance review and to get a quote for home insurance for a second home.

What Does a Comprehensive Auto Policy Cover?

In the state of Alabama, drivers are required to have at least the state-required minimum amount of liability insurance. The minimum liability required is $25,000 per person with a total of $50,000 per accident and $25,000 in property damage. Given the cost of medical services and the cost of cars, this really is a very basic amount of auto insurance. At Insurance Solutions Inc. in Cullman, AL we know that this is not enough coverage for each and every person and we sit down with our customers to determine the best coverages for their particular vehicle and financial situation. 

Comprehensive coverage is additional coverage that protects your vehicle. It is often combined with collision coverage. It is non-collision insurance. It helps you to repair your car when things happen to it that are beyond your control. It can be a deer that darts into the road in front of your car or a hail storm that leaves your car covered in dents. If your car is stolen or vandalized, it is comprehensive insurance that can help you to replace it. Glass coverage is often part of this coverage and being able to get your windshield repaired or replaced quickly without a deductible is something that almost everyone will use at one time or other. 

Auto insurance can be tailored to each individual’s needs and getting to know our clients helps us to provide them with the insurance that is just right for them. At Insurance Solution Inc. we have a team of experienced agents who will take the time to get it just right for you. Give the office of Insurance Solutions Inc. in Cullman, AL a call or stop by for a no-obligation quote. You can also use our online rating tool to get a quote before you stop by. 

Do Cullman Car Owners Need Insurance?

Living in the Cullman, AL area can be a great experience as there are plenty of local amenities, a lot of job opportunities, and other advantages. To get around Cullman efficiently, you will need to own your own car. If you do own your own car, you also need to consider your auto insurance needs. There are several reasons why a Cullman car owner could need an auto insurance policy. 

Liability Concerns

One reason why people in Cullman need to have auto insurance is because of liability concerns. Anyone that drives a car on a regular basis is consistently taking on the risk that they will be found at-fault in an accident. When this occurs, you are going to want to make sure that you have coverage to pay for any damage that you cause. Due to the importance of this form of insurance, the state of Alabama requires that all drivers have liability coverage. 

Coverage for Car

Additionally, many people will also want to have a full collision and comprehensive auto insurance policy. This full type of auto insurance will give you coverage for virtually any type of situation that results in a loss. This form of insurance is ideal for most car owners. 

Ultimately, anyone that owns and drives a car in the Cullman, AL area will be required to have auto insurance. Since it can be hard to determine what type of policy is right for your situation, it would help to speak to a professional about your needs. Insurance Solutions Inc. should be the first company you call when shopping for auto insurance. When you work with Insurance Solutions Inc. to get into a quality auto insurance policy, it will ensure that you are properly covered based on your needs and risks. 

How a motorcycle insurance policy can protect someone in Alabama

Owning a motorcycle is a dream for many people in the Cullman, AL area. Due to the warm weather, it is also a very practical mode of transportation for much of the year. Before you purchase a new or used motorcycle, it is important that you carefully consider all of your insurance needs. A motorcycle insurance policy can protect you in several ways. 

Gives Necessary Liability Protection

One way that a motorcycle insurance policy can protect someone in Alabama is by providing them with liability coverage. While riding a motorcycle is generally a safe activity, there is always a chance that there could be an accident. If you are found to be at fault for the accident, it will be up to you to pay restitution for damages. A motorcycle insurance policy will cover you for liability in these situations.

Provides Protection for Motorcycle

While motorcycle insurance gives liability protection, it can also provide you with coverage for your asset. When you buy a motorcycle, you are going to be making an investment as well. If you are in an accident, have the bike stolen, or it is damaged in any other way, you will have to spend a lot to repair or replace it. Fortunately, the motorcycle insurance policy will protect you in these situations.

For those that are in the Cullman, AL area, there are many benefits to getting motorcycle insurance. Since it can be hard to find a good policy on your own, all people in need of motorcycle insurance should contact Insurance Solutions Inc. The team of professionals at Insurance Solutions Inc. can help you to get into a policy that gives the coverage that you need to provide peace of mind and protect your prized asset. 

Top reasons to carry an umbrella policy

Many people assume because they live an ordinary life and do not engage in high-risk activities that there is no need to carry an umbrella policy. However, there are many reasons why one might need an umbrella policy that will surprise you. If you live in the Cullman, AL area and would like to learn more about umbrella coverage, set up a time to meet with an agent at Insurance Solutions Inc. today. 

Do you like to entertain regularly? 

Whenever you have guests over to your house, while it may be an enjoyable time, you are increasing the risk of one of those guests being injured. An umbrella policy will be especially important if you have a pool that you allow guests to swim in during BBQs. If you have your kids’ friends over and have a pool, this coverage will become even more critical in the event a child is injured. 

Do you have a dog? 

Even if you have the friendliest dog in the world, you never know if a situation could arise, which could cause the dog to hurt a third party. Dog bite claims are one the highest liability claims out there. Many homeowners’ policies will only offer a small limit to cover dog bites, so it is imperative to have an umbrella policy in place to protect against these events. 

Do you post on social media often? 

If you often engage on social media sites such as blogs, Facebook, and Twitter, you should consider an umbrella policy to protect you against slander claims. Slander coverage cannot be found within other primary policies, so it is vital to have an umbrella policy to act as your primary coverage. Similar to dog bite claims, slander claims could mean high attorney fees to defend yourself against the claim. 

If you are interested in speaking with an agent about an umbrella policy that fits your needs, reach out to an agent at Insurance Solutions Inc today. We proudly serve the Cullman, AL area.

The Advantages of Comprehensive Commercial Insurance

Comprehensive commercial insurance is like having a wider safety net for your business. Is it possible for something to fall outside the net? Yes, but the odds are much better when you take precautions. If you’re wondering how commercial insurance protects you in Cullman, AL, keep the following facts in mind. 

More Than the Basics 

There are certain things that business owners have to do in order to stay on the right side of the law — one of those things is purchasing insurance for your business. But the laws aren’t necessarily concerned about your livelihood, they’re concerned with mitigating major disasters. So if an employee breaks their leg on the job, you can provide workers’ compensation, so they get the services they need.

But what about if your store has to close for repairs because of a major storm? Will you be able to pay your bills when you have no source of income? Or what happens if one of your products is defective and causes injury to a customer? Will you have enough general liability protection for this? Will the customer have ongoing medical needs that you’re expected to pay for? Comprehensive commercial insurance can be customized for you, so you get the coverage you need when something happens. 

Call Insurance Solutions Inc. 

If you live and work in Cullman, AL, taking precautions is the key to keeping your business up and running no matter what happens. If you want to learn more about how comprehensive commercial insurance can cover you, Insurance Solutions Inc. can help. We take the time to learn your needs before making suggestions that fit into your short- and long-term plans alike. Calling today can be the first step toward getting a policy that won’t let you down. 

Auto Insurance Basics: The Six Types of Auto Coverage

If you’re shopping for auto insurance in Cullman, AL, you may already know how it works in general, but do you know the six basic types of vehicle insurance? Knowing the different types of auto insurance policies, what they cover, and how they work is an important step in helping you determine the best policy for your unique situation. Here are the basic types of common auto coverage Insurance Solutions Inc. offers. 

Liability Coverage 

This type is coverage is legally required in most US states in order to drive a vehicle. Liability insurance may cover personal injuries and property damage to others you are determined to be legally responsible for as a result of a covered event. 

Collision Insurance 

This insurance may cover damage, repairs, or replacement in the event your vehicle is damaged or totaled during a covered accident involving another vehicle. 

Comprehensive Insurance 

A comprehensive auto insurance policy may pay for damage your car sustains due to a collision with another vehicle as well as expanded coverage for other damage caused by weather events, vandalism, collisions with animals, and more. 

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Insurance 

Many drivers choose to carry the minimum required liability coverage, or fail to carry any insurance at all. Underinsured motorist coverage will protect you in the event that the other party’s insurance policy won’t cover the costs resulting from an accident, and uninsured motorist insurance covers both you and your vehicle in incidents involving uninsured drivers and hit-and-run events.  

Personal Injury Protection Insurance 

This insurance may provide coverage for certain medical expenses and income loss that results from a covered incident. Depending on your policy limits, it could cover up to 80% of your medical and other expenses that stem from a covered accident. 

Medical Payments Insurance 

A medical payments insurance policy can help you pay expensive medical costs resulting from a covered accident, no matter which party is at fault. 

If you don’t have auto insurance coverage currently, it’s crucial to get a policy in place as soon as possible. For more information about the types of insurance described above, and for guidance finding your perfect auto insurance plan, call the Cullman, AL automotive insurance experts at Insurance Solutions Inc. today.