What Does RV Insurance Cover?

If you have purchased an RV, you may be looking to purchase RV insurance to protect your investment in the recreational vehicle. One of the questions that we at Insurance Solutions Inc. serving Cullman, AL, are frequently asked is what RV insurance covers. There are different types of coverage you can buy when buying RV insurance. Here are what the primary types of coverage covers. 


Collision coverage helps to protect you in case of an accident in the RV. If you hit someone or if someone hits you, this type of insurance helps to pay for the damage done to both vehicles. The exact amount varies based on the coverage level you select. If you own an RV, almost every state requires you to carry a minimum amount of collision insurance. 


Comprehensive cover helps to protect against many of the types of damage that are not caused by an accident where someone collides into you. This may include acts of vandalism, theft, or even damage caused by storms. Unless you have a loan against the RV, you may not be required to carry comprehensive coverage. But it is a good idea to help protect your investment. 


The last type of coverage is uninsured/underinsured. This protects you in case someone who collides with your RV doesn’t have RV or auto insurance or doesn’t have enough to fully cover the repairs needed. This ensures you do not have to come out of pocket and pay for the damage they caused. Once again, the amount of coverage you have will vary based on the policy limits you select. 

If you are looking to purchase RV insurance in the greater Culllman, AL area, let Insurance Solutions Inc. help. Call us today for an estimate or to get answers to any questions you may have. 

Boat Insurance for the Unexpected

Boating is a great summer activity and proper insurance coverage adds the reassurance that if an accident occurs, you’re covered. Found in the Cullman, AL area, we at Insurance Solutions Inc. are ready to provide you with the boat insurance you need for peace of mind. Visit us and let us show you what legal requirements there are and what insurance packages might be available for you. Then get yourself out on the water and have some fun!

Whether your family loves sunning on the deck, or you like to cast a line out on the river, your boat needs more than just basic physical maintenance. Selecting a reliable insurance for legal and efficient coverage for your water craft is essential. This is why our independent agents know their state required coverage- to make sure you have the insurance that protects you in the event of an unexpected incident. 

Proudly serving the Cullman, AL area, we want everyone to have a safe and memorable summer of fun and adventure. Using safety equipment on board your boat just makes sense. Having the insurance coverage you need backs you up in case of an accident, too. There’s no need to second guess those needs, either. Our agents at Insurance Solutions Inc. can cover safety tips you may not know as well as insurance needs. Safety is part of our insurance business, after all. Also, if your current insurance is not satisfying your needs for coverage, then give us a call or stop in and ask some questions. Some of the experienced and dependable insurance policy providers we work with include MetLife, The Hartford, Progressive, Travelers, Guide One, ASI, and AARP. Contact us today.

Is My Boat Covered When It Is Out Of the Water?

Strangely enough, yes.

If you own a boat, especially a classic, it is common knowledge that other than all the fun on the water plenty of work awaits when the boat is on land. In some cases, that work may require a significant time of labor ranging from months to years. In this regard, as a boat owner, you should consider taking a coverage for “out of water port risk”. This is basically an insurance coverage that protects your boat as long as it isn’t launched.

However, the task sets in when finding the right policy for your boat. And that is why we at Cullman, AL, Insurance Solutions Inc. want to ensure to have the right information to enable you insure your boat correctly.
Taking coverage against out of port risk does not fall under your boat policy. Supposing the boat is attached to your truck, then your auto policy will cover you. Anytime you are transporting something, the vehicle policy is responsible. Unfortunately, your boat on transit will only be catered for if it is within the limits contained in the auto policy. So if you live in Cullman, AL it is advisable to clarify this aspect with an insurance agency.

On the other hand, a yacht policy will not cover any property damage, injury, and loss of life that takes place when the boat is out of the water. Your homeowner’s insurance may be of help but only if the boat is damaged while situated on your property.

Therefore, in order to fully protect your boat from terrestrial danger, an umbrella policy stands out as the best option. In case of an injury, an umbrella policy overrides both the auto and homeowners policies. If you possess a boat in Cullman, AL, it is not only an extra asset but another opportunity for risk. At Cullman, AL, Insurance Solutions Inc. we do our best to guarantee protection of your most valuable investment, contact us today!



Alabama Motorcycle Insurance Requirements

Alabama requires mandatory motorcycle insurance, just as it requires mandatory car insurance. A motorcycle owner must carry the legally required 50/100/25 liability insurance to drive on Alabama roadways. Going beyond the minimum requirements and carrying full coverage makes good sense though. In Cullman, AL, Insurance Solutions Inc. can help you understand coverage types and obtain the insurance you need.

What liability covers

Liability insurance covers injuries to the other parties in an accident and property damage for the other parties when you are at fault. The abbreviation 50/100/25 means the liability insurance policy covers up to $50,000 for bodily injury for each person involved in an accident, a maximum of $100,000 for total bodily injuries, and $25,000 for property damage. Keep in mind, the state minimum required insurance does not cover your injuries or property damage.

Full Coverage

The phrase full coverage refers to carrying all available types of vehicular insurance on a vehicle. These include:

  • collision,
  • comprehensive,
  • liability,
  • medical payments,
  • uninsured and under-insured motorist.

Collision covers damages to your motorcycle regardless of who caused the accident. You’ll only pay the deductible. Comprehensive covers non-collision items that could damage your motorcycles, like fire or theft. This also carries a deductible. Uninsured and under-insured motorist covers the damages to your motorcycle and your injuries if the other party caused the accident, but did not have insurance or their insurance insufficiently covers the damage amounts. Medical payment covers your injuries directly resulting from an accident up to your coverage limit.

You can pick and choose coverage to add to the minimum liability policy. In Cullman, AL, Insurance Solutions Inc. can help you determine which coverage type best suits you. Come by to discuss your motorcycle insurance needs.

How is the Value of a Classic Car Determined in Cullman, AL

The agents of Insurance Solutions Inc. understand how important it is to properly insure your classic car in Cullman AL. There are several things that must be looked at simply because many of classic cars are extremely unique when it comes to parts and maintenance.  

Establishing A Fair Market Value

A fair market value means what the car is actually worth in terms of materials, time, effort, and antique value. It’s often based on what someone would be expected to pay if the car was sold at auction or on a car lot. 

Original Or Standard Parts

Many older models have parts that are no longer manufactured. To replace these parts, you may have to find someone who specially crafts them. A classic car rarely has a reportable "book" value because car and its parts are no longer sold on a regular basis.

Under Construction

You may be able to cover your car under a "classic vehicle" policy while you’re still in the process of it. This will depend on the underwriter of the policy.

Weekend Warrior or Daily Use

One of the major factors is how often you drive your classic car. If you use the car daily, you run a greater risk of damage. If you only drive the car on special occasions or haul it to show, the risk of damage is much lower.

If you live in the Cullman AL area and are looking for an insurance agent who offers policies on classic cars in various stages of restoration, call Insurance Solutions Inc. The agents at the office can take a close look at your vehicle and determine exactly what type of coverage best suits your individual needs. 

3 Ways to Prevent Damage to an ATV

Having an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) is always fun, but it does come with its own risks. ATVs are famous for flipping on rough terrain, for example, forcing you to either count it as a loss or file an insurance claim–if you have insurance, that is.

Speaking of insurance, have you ever thought about insuring your ATV in the Cullman, AL area? You can speak to a representative at Insurance Solutions Inc. for an estimate on your next ATV. In the meantime, consider three ways of preventing damage to this fun and useful investment.

1. Store It Properly

This may seem like a no brainer, but taking care of your vehicle can prevent damage from weather and careless mistakes. Where do you park your ATV when not in use? If you don’t have a shed or barn for storing, consider purchasing a fabric or plastic cover to protect it from the elements. On top of this, parking it under a cover can prevent accidents on your property, such as a neighbor’s car plowing into it. Clearly designate the ATV parking spot so that everyone in your household knows where it goes.

2. Only Let Qualified Drivers Take Control

It’s fun to let your kids drive the ATV because after all, they need to practice driving sometime. But be careful about it. If you don’t train your drivers, they can easily get in an accident and cause damage not only to the ATV, but to themselves and others. If you’re going to let younger people drive the ATV, take some time to train them and keep a close eye on them when they are driving.

3. Watch Where You’re Going

Finally, an important part of preventing accidents is keeping your eyes on the proverbial road. No matter who is driving, their goal should be to avoid colliding with anything–trees, livestock, other vehicles, and whatever else is on the terrain. Keep your ATV safe from damage by circumventing obstacles, driving slowly, and paying close attention to what is going on around you.

If you’re in the Cullman, AL area, it’s easy to contact Insurance Solutions Inc. for a quick discussion about ATV insurance. No matter how many precautions you take, you never know when you’ll need it!

Reasons Parents of Teens Need Umbrella Insurance

Raising teens isn’t easy or cheap. However, many parents fail to see the increased liability risk associated with creating responsible young adults, which can eventually hurt them financially.

Umbrella insurance—which is designed to go above and beyond your normal homeowner’s liability coverage—is one way to protect against this. Our Insurance Solutions Inc. team has compiled this list of three reasons why parents of teens need umbrella insurance.

Reason #1: Increased Accident Risk

Statistics show that the most dangerous time to be a driver on the road is between the ages of sixteen and twenty. Perhaps the most important reason for parents of teenage drivers in Cullman, AL to have an umbrella policy to increase their overall liability protection is the added risk of their child being in a severe or fatal accident where others are injured. In such a scenario, an umbrella policy would help pay for the other party’s medical bills above what your current auto insurance covers.

Reason #2: Property Damage

There’s an old saying that kids will be kids. While most parents like to believe that their child will always do the right thing, sometimes incidents occur where damage to property owned by someone else happens. An umbrella policy goes above and beyond the liability on your homeowner’s policy to help take care of the costs of repairs.

Reason #3: Household Guests

As any parent who has survived this phase already knows, teens are quite social and usually surrounded by friends. And when these friends come over to your house to hang out—or for a forbidden party you might not know anything about—the chance of an accident happening puts the financial risk squarely on you. In this case, having an umbrella policy can help offset the costs of medical bills, lawsuits, or other incidents involving guests at your home.

If you’re a parent of a teenager, it is time to talk about adding umbrella insurance. Contact Insurance Solutions Inc. in Cullman, AL to schedule your appointment.

Get Your Boat Ready For The Summer Season

With summer around the corner, you are no doubt looking forward to a beautiful day on the water. Boating is one of the best things about the season, along with all the fun, fishing, eating and laughing that goes with it. 

It’s important to prep your boat properly before taking it out of storage and hitting the water. This quick list will give you the basics for getting your boat sea-worthy after a winter hibernation.

1. General Cleaning  And Inspection

Give your boat a thorough cleaning and inspect the hull for scratches, gouges, and abrasions. Inspect rudder and fittings, swim platform/ladder, etc. Have any repairs done and apply a fresh coat of wax.

2. Check Safety Equipment

Dinghies, fire extinguishers, safety lights and any other safety equipment on board.

3. Miscellaneous

Be sure to check batteries, electrical systems, hoses, clamps, connectors etc. Change oil and filters. Check transmission fluid. Be sure everything is lubricated and continue checking for damage and needed repairs. 

4. Water Systems

Flush water tanks and check water system for any leaks. Check hot water tank.

5. Galley

If your boat has a galley, be sure you do a thorough once-over of all components, fill propane tank, etc.

If you are familiar with boat maintenance, you can do most things yourself, if not, you’ll have to have a professional handle it. It’s always a good idea to go through a detailed checklist to ensure that your boat is ready for the water.

Also, you’ll want to be sure your boat insurance is up-to-date. If you are in the Cullman, AL area, contact Insurance Solutions Inc. to determine if you have the appropriate boat insurance for your needs.

Why Professional Liability Insurance is an Important Commercial Insurance Policy

As a small business owner, you know the importance of protecting your company. One of the best ways to do this is with the aid of commercial insurance. However, there are different forms of commercial insurance, one of which is professional liability insurance. This is a helpful insurance add-on your business needs to consider. At Insurance Solutions Inc. we want to protect your livelihood, whether it is in Cullman, AL or one of the surrounding communities. 

What is Professional Liability Insurance

This coverage also goes by the name of "Errors and Omissions." Ultimately, it protects a business from negligence claims. This can vary anywhere from a customer saying a beauty product caused them a rash to a client saying an attorney did not put forward their complete effort in representing them in an individual case. Sometimes it is a he-said-she-said debate, other times there may be some evidence to support their claim. Regardless, Professional Liability Insurance protects you in the event of such a claim. 

Varying Coverage

Professional liability insurance is not just a one size fits all kind of coverage. It can be altered and adjusted in order to provide the right level of coverage. After all, different business sectors and industries have different potential concerns regarding negligence. Understanding what concerns your own industry has is important before moving forward, but an experienced insurance agency is able to help you identify the possible concerns. 

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you run, protecting it is important. One of the best ways to protect your business is through professional liability insurance. While no two companies are the same, we at Insurance Solutions Inc are here to offer advice on what coverage your Cullman, AL company should consider. 

Valuable Home Insurance Upgrades to Consider

Home insurance is not a one size fits all safety net. You can change your policy in order to better fit what you’re looking for. This may depend on your personal lifestyle, if you have children and where you live. At Insurance Solutions Inc. we want to make sure you have all the knowledge necessary to make an educated decision on your insurance policies. So whether you live in Cullman, AL or somewhere else in the neighborhood, look into these valuable home insurance upgrades. 

Flood Insurance Coverage

You never know when a flood might hit, and chances are your current home insurance policy does not cover flooding. Whether it is due to heavy rains or a pipe bursting in the basement, it is smart to go over your current policy and see exactly what is covered. 

Home Business

If you run a business from your home there are certain activities that may not be covered. Additionally, the loss of goods and products associated with your home business in the event of a break-in or fire may not receive the coverage you’re looking for either as is. 

Sewer and Drain Back Up Coverage

This depends more on the age of your home and the kind of septic system you use. With that said, it is a valuable addition to your home that can save you all sorts of money in the event of a backed up sewer system. 

If you are looking for additional coverage but do not know where to look, consider these valuable home insurance upgrades. No matter the kind of home you own or where in the city you live, there is a way to improve your home’s financial security. At Insurance solutions Inc. we are here to help educate you and provide insights into protecting your most valuable investment.