I’m a small business owner. Do I need commercial insurance?

It’s safe to say that most business owners are interested in protecting their assets and profits. Most people don’t go into business to go broke. However, without the appropriate measures to protect your business, you’re vulnerable when it comes to the unknown. Commercial or business insurance is designed to protect companies on many different levels, from liability to injury. Insurance Solutions Inc. of Cullman, AL cares about business owners and wants to help them attain the coverage they need to protect their assets.

Do I Need Commercial Insurance as a Small Business Owner?

In short, "yes." Small business owners may question whether or not they genuinely need commercial/business insurance. However, the answer is simple. Business insurance is a wise investment if you have assets that you want to protect. Many small businesses would be unable to cover an accident or lawsuit out of pocket. Commercial/business insurance provides the protection businesses need to weather unexpected events and their business’s regular ups and downs. 

What Benefits Does Commercial Insurance Provide?

Typically, commercial insurance provides three common types of coverage; 

  • Property
  • Liability
  • Workers Compensation

Property insurance would cover damage to your business’s property. This could include damage to the exterior of your building and the interior. Commercial insurance also provides coverage for theft, graffiti, and other types of damage that may be intentional. Without this invaluable insurance, it may take businesses months or years to recover from a setback. It could mean that a business may have to close. Insurance makes it easier for a business to recover after a loss. 

Liability coverage protects from lawsuits and other situations where a business may be found at fault for an injury to a third party or parties and a variety of other issues. Lastly, workers’ compensation provides financial/medical coverage for injured employees on the job. Every business is unique. Coverage that one business may need, another may not. Our team at Cullman, AL Insurance Solutions Inc. is committed to taking the guesswork out of commercial insurance. Give us a call.