How to Make Classic Car Insurance Work for You in Cullman, AL

Do you have an older vehicle that may be considered a “classic car”? If so, you’ll want to look into the classification and if that would make you eligible to receive classic car insurance for it. Then, you can talk to an agent at Insurance Solutions Inc. about how to get started finding the right insurance for you in Cullman AL.  

How Classic Car Insurance Works 

If your car falls under the category of “classic car”, regular auto insurance won’t fit the bill. You’ll need to seek out something that offers specific protection for an automobile like this. 

If you have one of the following types of vehicles, chances are you should have classic car insurance: 

  • Muscle cars 
  • Hotrods/modified automobiles
  • Luxury and exotic automobiles
  • Classic trucks 
  • Classic and antique cars that typically are no less than 25 – 30 years old 
  • Classic motorcycles
  • Antique tractors 
  • Vintage military vehicles 

Not all companies are the same when it comes to their offerings, so be sure to specify what type of vehicle you have at the start. Also, there are some criteria that many insurance companies require such as limited use of the vehicle (which allows for traveling to auto club meetings and car shows usually), that it’s in a secure storage unit when it’s not in use, and that you have a clean driving record (not any serious violations). 

What to Discuss with an Agent 

Be sure to talk about and agree on the value of your classic vehicle. There isn’t exactly a book value when it comes to such vehicles. Also, note that these automobiles almost always gain in value as long as they’re taken care of well and you don’t change much on it that would transform it beyond its status as a classic car or truck. You’ll want to learn exactly what the coverage provides for in terms of repair, replacements, towing, and various other things. 

For all your classic car insurance questions and concerns, give Insurance Solutions Inc. a call. Or, you can reach out by email or directly through the website to find out more about getting this insurance in the Cullman, AL area.