How is the Value of a Classic Car Determined in Cullman, AL

The agents of Insurance Solutions Inc. understand how important it is to properly insure your classic car in Cullman AL. There are several things that must be looked at simply because many of classic cars are extremely unique when it comes to parts and maintenance.  

Establishing A Fair Market Value

A fair market value means what the car is actually worth in terms of materials, time, effort, and antique value. It’s often based on what someone would be expected to pay if the car was sold at auction or on a car lot. 

Original Or Standard Parts

Many older models have parts that are no longer manufactured. To replace these parts, you may have to find someone who specially crafts them. A classic car rarely has a reportable "book" value because car and its parts are no longer sold on a regular basis.

Under Construction

You may be able to cover your car under a "classic vehicle" policy while you’re still in the process of it. This will depend on the underwriter of the policy.

Weekend Warrior or Daily Use

One of the major factors is how often you drive your classic car. If you use the car daily, you run a greater risk of damage. If you only drive the car on special occasions or haul it to show, the risk of damage is much lower.

If you live in the Cullman AL area and are looking for an insurance agent who offers policies on classic cars in various stages of restoration, call Insurance Solutions Inc. The agents at the office can take a close look at your vehicle and determine exactly what type of coverage best suits your individual needs.