How do you qualify for classic car insurance?

If you own a classic car, you should seriously consider purchasing classic car insurance. Whether it is a hot rod, muscle car, or even a classic motorcycle, classic cars are a real investment that should be protected. These vehicles aren’t covered through antique or auto insurance because they are not meant to be driven. Classic cars have different qualification requirements when obtaining insurance.

Vehicle Requirements

It cannot be your primary vehicle for a car or motorcycle to qualify for classic car insurance in Alabama. Most cars are considered classic after they turn 20 and are considered antique after they turn 50. However, Alabama law considers a vehicle qualifiable for classic car insurance policies when it turns 30. Alabama law also requires you to own liability insurance on your car.

Classic car insurance policies do not allow you to drive your car while covered. You may also need to protect your vehicle in a shed or garage to qualify. Lastly, your vehicle should be made up of original parts with as few modified parts as possible.

What cars are considered classic?

Hot rods, military vehicles, sports cars, luxury vehicles, trucks, and collectible cars are all considered classic cars. Classic car insurance can also cover collectible boats, tractors, utility vehicles, RVs, and motorcycles.

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