Home Insurance for a Second Home

If you are thinking about getting a second home, be sure to consult with your agent at Insurance Solutions Inc. serving Cullman, AL and the surrounding area, to make sure you have adequate insurance for your primary residence and your second home.

The things to discuss with your agent include the occupancy expected for both the second home and the original residence, whether either home will be rented out for part of the time, and what changes may need to be made to your existing home insurance coverage.


Insurance coverage may need to be adjusted if either home will be left vacant for an extended period. Vacant homes tend to attract more burglaries and vandalism. Talk this over with your agent because you can do things to reduce this risk, such as install an alarm system or have a caretaker watch the property when the home is vacant.

Renting Out the Home(s)

If either home will be rented out, this is considered a commercial activity. The type of insurance needed for a home that is rented out is different from standard home insurance for an owner-occupied home.

Personal Property

Be sure to take an inventory of all personal property that will be left in the home(s), especially if you plan to rent a home that is furnished or partially-furnished. Insurance coverage to protect against damage caused by a renter is different from the coverage needed for a homeowner’s personal property.

Flood Insurance

Flood insurance is a separate policy from home insurance. We are recommending considering it for all homes, due to the surprising changes in the weather patterns being caused by climate change.

Contact your agent at Insurance Solutions Inc. in Cullman, AL for a home insurance review and to get a quote for home insurance for a second home.