Home Insurance and Umbrella Insurance: How They Work Together to Protect You

If you own your own home, then you likely already have a fairly comprehensive home insurance policy to keep your protected from fire, vandalism, and damage. But have you considered the threats that can happen outside of these relatively straightforward events? If you live in Cullman, AL, Insurance Solutions Inc. can tell you more about what umbrella insurance is and why you might want to have it if you own a home. 

Lawsuits and Liability 

Umbrella insurance is there for you when you reach the liability limits on your regular insurance policy. When it comes to home insurance, there’s an amount in your policy that represents how much you’ll be given in the event of a liability claim. Because claims can drag on for years, carriers have to cut off the support at some point. Every policy amount will be different, but most policies have at least one thing in common: it’s not always enough to cover a serious liability claim.

A Liability Scenario 

Let’s say that your mailman trips over a small hole that your child dug in the front yard. The mailman not only falls, but he falls in such a way that he needs multiple back surgeries and suffers from chronic pain after he’s released from the hospital. This extreme example is not as uncommon as you might think. When you’ve reached the limits on your home insurance, umbrella insurance picks up where it left off. 

Insurance Solutions Inc. can help homeowners understand how their policies can work together to give them the maximum amount of coverage. If you want to understand more about how property owners can protect their investments in Cullman, AL, give us a call today for a quote or just to review the coverage terms for our policies.