Do Content Creators Need Umbrella Insurance?

If you receive income from content creation, you need umbrella insurance. Content creators sometimes face lawsuits for copyright violations, slander, or libel. For example, suppose you review products and say something negative. In that case, the manufacturer may decide to sue if your review affects profits or results in a loss of their reputation. Umbrella insurance protects your income and assets from being seized if a judgment against you exceeds the limits of your existing insurance coverage.

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Besides possible slander or libel suits, content creators can be held liable for non-performance. Whether you cannot post content on time due to power outages or equipment failures, or you become ill and miss deadlines, your sponsors can sue for damages. For example, PR Consulting filed a lawsuit against Grown-ish star Luke Sabbat to force a $45,000 advance payment return plus $45,000 in punitive damages.

While Sabbat likely has enough money to cover the loss, the average content creator might not. That is precisely why umbrella policies are so essential. Say, for example, you landed sponsorship for your weekly podcast. They offer you $200,000 to feature their products during every episode. You, however, live in a hurricane zone, and your studio or home office gets sidelined. You cannot meet your obligations, so they sue for $200,000 and win, which your business insurance pays. However, the court assessed an additional $200,000 in punitive damages. Now what? If you bought umbrella insurance, you are in the clear.

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