Do Content Creators Need Umbrella Insurance?

If you receive income from content creation, you need umbrella insurance. Content creators sometimes face lawsuits for copyright violations, slander, or libel. For example, suppose you review products and say something negative. In that case, the manufacturer may decide to sue if your review affects profits or results in a loss of their reputation. Umbrella insurance protects your income and assets from being seized if a judgment against you exceeds the limits of your existing insurance coverage.

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Besides possible slander or libel suits, content creators can be held liable for non-performance. Whether you cannot post content on time due to power outages or equipment failures, or you become ill and miss deadlines, your sponsors can sue for damages. For example, PR Consulting filed a lawsuit against Grown-ish star Luke Sabbat to force a $45,000 advance payment return plus $45,000 in punitive damages.

While Sabbat likely has enough money to cover the loss, the average content creator might not. That is precisely why umbrella policies are so essential. Say, for example, you landed sponsorship for your weekly podcast. They offer you $200,000 to feature their products during every episode. You, however, live in a hurricane zone, and your studio or home office gets sidelined. You cannot meet your obligations, so they sue for $200,000 and win, which your business insurance pays. However, the court assessed an additional $200,000 in punitive damages. Now what? If you bought umbrella insurance, you are in the clear.

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Four signs that it’s time to update your commercial insurance policy

Simply having commercial insurance coverage isn’t enough to protect your company. You also need to update your commercial insurance policy periodically to ensure that it is adequate for your company’s needs. 

The following are four signs that it’s time to update your commercial insurance policy. 

You have recently invested in new equipment for your company.

It’s essential that you have insurance coverage on any valuable piece of equipment you use as part of commercial operations. Make sure your policy covers any new equipment you’ve purchased and offers theft, damage, and injury coverage on your commercial equipment. 

Your company has grown significantly since you first took out your commercial insurance.

The larger a company is, the more commercial insurance it generally needs. Your revenues have probably increased if your company has grown significantly since you first insured it. You’re also likely working with a larger number of vendors and customers, which means more liabilities. 

Company growth means it’s time to revisit your commercial insurance coverage and make necessary changes. 

There have been significant changes in your hiring needs or practices. 

One of the most essential types of coverage you need for your company is worker’s compensation coverage.

If you have recently increased the size or makeup of your staff, make sure your commercial insurance policy is adjusted accordingly. 

Your company has experienced significant increases in the value of assets. 

Ideally, your commercial insurance policy maximums should be high enough to cover the full value of all your company assets.

Any increase in the total value of your company’s assets should include corresponding updates to your maximum coverage limits on your commercial policy.  

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Consequences of Riding Without Alabama Motorcycle Insurance

When you buy a motorcycle, you should consider your safety and that of others. There is that magical feeling of riding on a motorcycle. Still, you ought to remember that motorist accidents are more severe than typical car accidents, and that’s why you need motorcycle insurance from Insurance Solutions Inc. Alabama has put stringent measures on riding motorcycles without insurance. Nevertheless, some people still ride without proof of insurance. If you are one of them, here are the consequences yopu are exposed to:

Legal consequences

Like many other states, the state of Alabama requires that motorcyclists show proof of valid insurance while on the road. Failure to show evidence may attract hefty fines and penalties, which include license suspension.

Financial losses

Even if you consider yourself the best-experienced motorist, accidents may still happen, some caused by yourself while others by another motorist. If you cause an accident, the resulting damage may be costly, like hospital bills, motorcycle repair, or even replacement. Worse still, if you get sued, the legal charges may be expensive, and that’s why you need to cushion yourself with motorcycle insurance.

No peace of mind

You are always engulfed with fear when you know you have broken the rules. The fear of what if the law catches up with me? Or what if I got into an accident? These worries negatively influence your riding experience. In light of that, purchase motorcycle insurance from Insurance Solutions Inc. today to enjoy your ride on the roads of Alabamy.

Motorcycle insurance in Cullman, AL

The aftermath of an accident can be devastating, more so if you don’t have motorcycle insurance. If you are lucky to own a motorbike in Alabama, be wise and protect your investment with us at Insurance Solutions Inc. Contact us today for an affordable quote.

Do I Need Boat Insurance?

One of the most common questions we receive at Insurance Solutions Inc. in Cullman, AL, is, "do I need boat insurance?" There are some situations where boat insurance is required. However, you aren’t legally required to carry boat insurance in Alabama. Even though it’s not legally required, boat insurance is still good.  

Boat Insurance Requirements

If you have a lien or loan on your boat, your bank will require you to have boat insurance. If your boat is lost in an accident, insurance allows the bank to recoup its money. 

The other situation where insurance is often required is if you plan to use a marina slip or mooring. This helps protect the marina, yourself, and other boaters. 

Who Else Needs Boat Insurance? 

When not legally required, boat insurance comes down to risk tolerance. Your boat is a significant investment. Would you be able to replace it if it were destroyed in an accident easily? 

Could you pay for the salvage if your boat sinks? What if someone else’s boat is damaged during an accident. You could be legally liable for their costs as well. 

If you don’t have the funds to cover these types of mishaps, boat insurance is a great idea. It will protect you from financial loss and liability in an accident. 

Types of Boat Insurance

There are three basic types of boat insurance. Liability covers any damage to another person’s boat or property in an accident. Experts recommend having at least 1,000,000 in liability coverage. 

Uninsured motorist insurance will cover the damage to your boat or injuries to you or passengers if you are in an accident with someone who doesn’t have boat insurance. 

Collision or comprehensive coverage is based on the value of your boat and will cover any damage to your boat in an accident. 

Get Boat Insurance from Insurance Solutions Inc.

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How do you qualify for classic car insurance?

If you own a classic car, you should seriously consider purchasing classic car insurance. Whether it is a hot rod, muscle car, or even a classic motorcycle, classic cars are a real investment that should be protected. These vehicles aren’t covered through antique or auto insurance because they are not meant to be driven. Classic cars have different qualification requirements when obtaining insurance.

Vehicle Requirements

It cannot be your primary vehicle for a car or motorcycle to qualify for classic car insurance in Alabama. Most cars are considered classic after they turn 20 and are considered antique after they turn 50. However, Alabama law considers a vehicle qualifiable for classic car insurance policies when it turns 30. Alabama law also requires you to own liability insurance on your car.

Classic car insurance policies do not allow you to drive your car while covered. You may also need to protect your vehicle in a shed or garage to qualify. Lastly, your vehicle should be made up of original parts with as few modified parts as possible.

What cars are considered classic?

Hot rods, military vehicles, sports cars, luxury vehicles, trucks, and collectible cars are all considered classic cars. Classic car insurance can also cover collectible boats, tractors, utility vehicles, RVs, and motorcycles.

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I’m a small business owner. Do I need commercial insurance?

It’s safe to say that most business owners are interested in protecting their assets and profits. Most people don’t go into business to go broke. However, without the appropriate measures to protect your business, you’re vulnerable when it comes to the unknown. Commercial or business insurance is designed to protect companies on many different levels, from liability to injury. Insurance Solutions Inc. of Cullman, AL cares about business owners and wants to help them attain the coverage they need to protect their assets.

Do I Need Commercial Insurance as a Small Business Owner?

In short, "yes." Small business owners may question whether or not they genuinely need commercial/business insurance. However, the answer is simple. Business insurance is a wise investment if you have assets that you want to protect. Many small businesses would be unable to cover an accident or lawsuit out of pocket. Commercial/business insurance provides the protection businesses need to weather unexpected events and their business’s regular ups and downs. 

What Benefits Does Commercial Insurance Provide?

Typically, commercial insurance provides three common types of coverage; 

  • Property
  • Liability
  • Workers Compensation

Property insurance would cover damage to your business’s property. This could include damage to the exterior of your building and the interior. Commercial insurance also provides coverage for theft, graffiti, and other types of damage that may be intentional. Without this invaluable insurance, it may take businesses months or years to recover from a setback. It could mean that a business may have to close. Insurance makes it easier for a business to recover after a loss. 

Liability coverage protects from lawsuits and other situations where a business may be found at fault for an injury to a third party or parties and a variety of other issues. Lastly, workers’ compensation provides financial/medical coverage for injured employees on the job. Every business is unique. Coverage that one business may need, another may not. Our team at Cullman, AL Insurance Solutions Inc. is committed to taking the guesswork out of commercial insurance. Give us a call. 

Is Umbrella Insurance Worth the Cost?

It can be hard to know whether or not umbrella insurance is worth the cost. After all, you may feel like you’re already paying quite a bit for your other insurance policies, and you may not want to shell out any more money than necessary. But there are some excellent reasons why umbrella insurance could be a wise investment for you. Let’s take a closer look at a few of those reasons.

One of the main reasons to get umbrella insurance is for asset protection. If you are sued and found liable for damages, your assets could be at risk. Even if you have other insurance policies, they may not cover the full amount of damages you must pay. Remember, your homeowner’s insurance policy has limits, as does your auto insurance policy. If you are sued for damages that exceed those limits, you could be forced to sell your home or other assets to come up with the money to pay the judgment against you.

Umbrella insurance can also provide coverage for certain types of claims that your other policies might not cover. For example, if you are accused of defamation or slander, your regular insurance policy may not provide any coverage. But an umbrella policy could help cover the costs of defending yourself against such a claim.

Another reason to consider umbrella insurance is the peace of mind it can provide. Knowing that you have this extra level of protection can help you relax and enjoy your life, knowing that you are well-protected financially if something unexpected happens.

Get Umbrella Insurance in Cullman, AL 

So, is umbrella insurance worth the cost? For many people, the answer is a resounding yes! If you have any questions about whether or not umbrella insurance is right for you, be sure to speak to Insurance Solutions Inc. today. Our team would be happy to help you find the right coverage for your needs.

What Does RV Insurance Cover?

Buying a recreational vehicle (RV) can be a great way to spend time with your family. You can go away for a weekend or even several weeks. That being said, you also need to protect yourself.

While looking at insurance, you may be wondering what RV insurance covers. Here are some things that it does. 

Bodily injury liability will cover medical bills if someone is injured in your RV. It may also cover their loss of income. It should cover your legal fees if you are sued due to this accident. 

Property damage liability will protect you if you damage someone’s property. This can include their vehicle or anything else that you may damage. If you hit a fence, it will cover the cost to fix it. If you hit a shed, the damage should be covered. 

Collision insurance will pay for any damage that occurs to your RV if you are involved in an accident. If your RV is totaled, you will get enough money in order to buy a new one.  

Comprehensive insurance covers anything other than collision. This may include vandalism, theft, and storm damage. 

Liability insurance is required by most states. It is up to you whether you want extra protection through collision and comprehensive insurance. If you have a lot of money wrapped up in your RV, you may want extra protection. If you take out a loan to buy your RV, you may be required to have collision and comprehensive insurance. 

If you are wondering if you need insurance for your RV, don’t hesitate to contact us today at Insurance Solutions Inc in Cullman, AL. 

Why ATV insurance is so important to have in AL

When it comes to ATV insurance, Cullman, AL area residents can count on the team here at Insurance Solutions Inc. We have the knowledge necessary to help you stay informed about your policy options and choose the one that’s right for you.

Benefits of comprehensive ATV insurance

Alabama residents may not think that they need ATV insurance, especially when they only ride their vehicles on private land. Unfortunately, this is not the case in most situations. Liability is still relevant, no matter where you ride your ATV.

Theft is another consideration when it comes to choosing your insurance policy. You want to know that your ATV is protected, no matter what may happen.

If you choose a robust ATV policy, you can put the protection you need in place at the right level for your needs. Liability coverage is often the protection that serves the most benefit. When you and your friends and family are out on off-road ATV rides, damage or injury can occur. Why wouldn’t you want to have the necessary protection in place?

When a covered event does occur, having a local agent on your side is a great help. The claims process can go a lot more smoothly when you have someone there to help you with the paperwork. No one wants to have to use their insurance, and we hope that you never do! But this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have a policy.

Alabama residents can count on us!

When it comes to ATV insurance, Insurance Solutions Inc. has the answers Cullman, AL area residents need. Don’t overlook this important policy type! Want to learn more? Call or stop by our office today, and find out how we can help you protect your ATV.

Do You Need Motorcycle Insurance All Year?

If you own a motorcycle, you can’t wait for warm weather to arrive so you can go for a ride. However, during the winter, you may not use your motorcycle as much or at all. As a result, you may want to cancel your motorcycle insurance coverage. You likely wonder whether it is really needed year-round. Insurance Solutions Inc., serving Cullman, AL, shares some insight into this.

Is Motorcycle Insurance Needed All Year?

In reality, regardless of how many months out of the year you spend on your bike, you can always benefit from having year-round coverage. The reason for this is simple. While your motorcycle is in storage, there are many threats it will be vulnerable to, including theft, vandalism, storm, and fire damage. Without a policy, you would be put out financially to cover the damage expenses.

Then, of course, when a usually warm day rolls around, you may want to take your bike for a spin. Unfortunately, without insurance, this is a bad idea in case you are involved in an accident, which you would be deemed responsible for financially.

What Are Your Options Then?

So, since you should ultimately keep motorcycle coverage all year, are there any options available to cut costs? Speak to your insurance agent about comprehensive coverage throughout the colder months, ensuring your bike is protected from environmental hazards, vandalism, and theft while stored. If you do this, just make sure not to take your motorcycle out on the open road, since you won’t be covered against liability or collision.

If you have questions or would like help creating a motorcycle insurance policy based on your individual needs, contact Insurance Solutions Inc., serving Cullman, AL.