When to Contact Insurance Agency After Accident

In the event of an auto accident, timing is everything. From making sure everyone is alright to informing the police what happened, you need to follow through with several steps to make sure everything is properly taken care of. Eventually, you will want to contact your insurance agency to let them know of the accident. At Insurance Solutions Inc. we want to make sure everyone is safe in addition to receiving the proper insurance coverage. 

Make Sure Everyone is Alright

After the accident, make sure everyone is alright. Check your passengers and then go to the other vehicles involved in the crash. If anyone is seriously hurt call 911. If not, contact the police. They will ask if you need an ambulance for smaller injuries. 

Document the Scene

While you wait for the police, always document the scene. There is no such thing as too many pictures so snap away. This includes everything from skid marks on the road to the damage on your vehicle. It is also a good idea to take pictures of the insurance and driver information of the other driver. 

Contact the Insurance Agency

After talking with the police you’ll want to contact the insurance agency. The police will file a report with a case number. You’ll want to give this case number to your insurance agent as it provides additional information to your insurance provider. 

Whether you live in Cullman, AL or your accident takes place in the general area, you need to know how to contact an insurance agency after an accident. By following through with these specific steps, you’ll make sure everyone is safe while also informing your insurance company. If you have any additional questions regarding auto insurance claims, Insurance Solutions Inc. is here to help. 

What is a Multi Car Discount?

In the world of auto insurance there are tons of different discounts and benefits that you can get with your policy if you simply know what they are. For those that live in the Cullman, AL area, the agents with Insurance Solutions Inc. can help you determine what discounts you are eligible for and which you are not.

So what is a multi car discount? Put quite simply, you get a discount on coverage for the second, third, fourth, car on your policy. This means you pay a specific price for the first vehicle that you insure then you get to insure more vehicles for a discounted rate. It is sort of like when you purchase items from the grocery store and get a discount for buying multiple items. Essentially, the insurance company is giving you a discounted rate for having more than one car on your policy.

Having more than one car on your policy is going to save you money as opposed to insuring each car on an individual policy. This is a great way to have your entire home of drivers insured without having to have separate policies for each and every driver. Not all cars qualify for the multi car discount however.

First off, you have to be able to legally insure the car that you are trying to add to your policy. In many cases your name has to be on the title of the car that you are insuring. No matter the circumstance, a multi car discount is a great way to get cheaper premiums without sacrificing coverage. For those in the Cullman, AL area, the agents with Insurance Solutions Inc. can help you to find the multi car discount and the policy that work best for you and your drivers.

Myths About Auto Insurance

Auto insurance is something that many people think they understand but they may not have a full grasp on it. This is because there are many myths that people hear about it that they think are true. According to Insurance Solutions Inc. serving Cullman, AL, these are some of the top ones you may hear and the truths behind them:

  • Your Rates Increase As You Get Older. In fact, the opposite is true. As you get older, your rates should decrease. This is because many insurance companies see this as a sign of driving maturity and you may even be able to get an additional discount if you are 55 years or older.
  • If You Total Your Car, Insurance Will Pay It Off. This is a common misconception that can really get you into trouble at a later date. Auto insurance will pay for the fair market value of your vehicle which means that the original cost and any depreciation is taken into account when payouts are being determined. In a lot of cases, this amount is less than what you may owe on a vehicle and you will have to pay the difference.
  • Red Cars Cost More To Insure. This is a very common myth and generally the color of the car has no direct impact on the insurance rates. Rates are created based on the make, model, age, body type, engine size, age of the driver, the driving record of the driver, and their credit history.

In Cullman, AL, you need to have auto insurance if you are going to be driving your vehicle. To get a quote for auto insurance, be sure to reach out to Insurance Solutions Inc. They will work with you to help find the right policy and at the right price for your budget.

What Does Basic Auto Insurance Cover?

Insurance is something that many people have but have no idea what it covers. There is a wide range of auto coverage, and though you might think you have the right policy, it might not be all that you need. For those in the Cullman, AL area, the agents with Insurance Solutions Inc. can help you find the policy that is right for you each and every time.

Basic auto insurance, or liability insurance, covers a couple of different things. First, it covers a monetary pay out to the other driver for a specified amount of money. This is generally a set amount of around $10,000 per person involved in the accident. This helps pay for medical bills, deductibles for the other auto policy, and other pain and suffering that might be undertaken.

Liability insurance is the very least amount of insurance that you can have on your car and still be able to drive legally. You cannot have a liability policy if you still owe money on your car, you then need to have a full coverage policy. Your insurance policy not only protects the other driver but also any passengers that you might have in the car with you. It also helps pay for your medical bills, and you can get more from your insurance company if need be.

The basic policy is going to act as a safety net should anything happen and should you need to file a claim following an accident. Not every insurance policy is going to pay out $10,000, some policies pay more but most pay at least that amount. For those in the Cullman, AL area, the agents with Insurance Solutions Inc. can help discuss just what basic insurance coverage means and what you can do to get the perfect policy.

What Alabamans Need To Know About Insurance And Traffic Law

For the most part, buying car insurance and driving safely in Alabama isn’t so much different from buying car insurance in California, Georgia, New York state or anywhere else, but every state has its little quirks when it comes to insurance law and practices, so here’s what you need to know in Cullman, AL:

  • Alabama Minimums

The minimum required insurance in Alabama is $25,000 per person for bodily injury¬†and $50,000 total per accident for bodily injury. Bodily injury is the really important part of car insurance. Insuring your car is one thing, you can buy pretty much any level of car insurance you’re comfortable with on that front. The real purpose of mandatory insurance is to protect people who are seriously injured in car accidents.

  • Alabama Is Not A No-Fault State

No-fault states follow some provisions that are intended to simplify the legal process. Mainly, drivers are required to insure themselves, and their insurance companies cover them in the event of an accident. This is not the case in Alabama, so if you are in an accident and it is found to be the other driver’s fault, for instance, then you may need to pursue the other driver’s insurance company for compensation.

  • The Rear-End Driver Might Not Be At Fault In A Collision

If you rear-end someone because they slammed their brakes on without warning, then the courts may find that person at fault. In Florida, for instance, the rear-ending driver is automatically found at fault, but this is not the case in Alabama.

With adequate coverage and safe driving practices, Alabama is one of the greatest places in the world to go for a cruise. Contact Insurance Solutions Inc. for some free quotes.

Understanding Liability Auto Insurance in Cullman

Liability is a very nice word for certain people when it comes to picking out their auto insurance because it typically means that the person paying the policy will be paying a very decreased rate. However, there are certain factors to consider before you decide that liability insurance is for you. Insurance Solutions Inc. in Cullman, AL wants you to know more. 

The Straight Facts 

Liability will not cover your own car should it be damaged during an accident or stolen, meaning you’re on the hook for all of the repairs or replacement as well as the rental car while you work to get your damaged car back on the road. For those who drive very inexpensive cars, it can make sense to do liability only because the costs will still be low. However, that still means an added expense of trying to find a new car or paying out of pocket to the mechanic. It may be the best choice for some people, but for many those expenses in the event of an accident end up being more than it would have cost to get liability. 

What You Can Do 

You may want to consider getting additional coverage instead to ensure that your car stays functional regardless of what happens. There are a variety of policies that you can request, depending on what is most relevant to you. For example, if you live on a street where car theft happens to be common, then you can add on theft coverage. Or you may want to add coverage if an uninsured driver hits you. Fortunately, Insurance Solutions Inc. in Cullman, AL can help you navigate the choices, so call us today if you’re looking for a quote for a new policy. 

Cullman, Alabama Families Can Use These Tips to Help Their Teen Drivers

A city built on heritage, Cullman, Alabama has the type of southern charm and hospitality that makes it a great place for families. But every family has to deal with one fact of life sooner or later- teen drivers. Letting your teens behind the wheel can be both an exciting and scary time, but here are some tips to help you during the whole experience.

Review and Ride

Even if they’ve passed their test with flying colors, ride with your teen driver the first few times. As an experienced driver make sure they remember all the things they learned for the test and that they practice those things often. If you’re in the car with your driver, they’re much more likely to focus than if they were alone with their friends.

Set Rules and Enforce

Not only do you need to set the rules, you need to make sure there are punishments for breaking them. There are special keys you can use to set a speed limit on the vehicle, and you can always take the keys until your teen shows they understand what they did wrong.

Check Your Insurance

Even with the best tips and practice, accidents still happen. Alabama follows the tort system, which means you need specific types of coverage to be safe. If you’re concerned about whether you have the right insurance to cover your teen, you can check your options with your local Insurance Solutions Inc. agent to compare quotes and find the protection you need so that you protect your teen and your family. Also, make your teen part of the process, so they understand the responsibility that comes with their driving privileges.

Family Cars: Finding the One that’s Right for Your Family

Investing in a vehicle for your family is a decision that deserves careful consideration. Safety features are definitely something you will want to look for as well as amenities. You may find that a newer SUV featuring some of today’s best in-car entertainment technology suits your family. No matter the used car that you purchase, though, you should buy it from a reputable seller. And you’ll also want to make sure you insure it. Here’s a quick look at five tips for finding the best car for your family.

1) Does it have enough seats

First and foremost, you can narrow down your search for a used vehicle by determining how many seats it needs. If you have more than two children, a van or SUV will likely be best, or perhaps even a large truck. With lots of seating and storage space, you can rest assured that your trips with your family will be enjoyable. 

2) Does it have a warranty

Another aspect to look at when buying a used car for your family is the type of warranty provided. Even though you are buying a used vehicle, this doesn’t mean it won’t come with a warranty. In fact, it may even come with the original warranty depending on how many miles it has on it when you buy it. If there isn’t a warranty, you can always purchase one through a third-party service provider. 

To learn more about buying the best car possible for your family, please call us today. We have agents standing by to assist you with all of your inquiries. Call us now at Insurance Solutions Inc.

Dealing with Bikes, Driver Safety and Sharing the Road

In a day and age where more and more people are concerned with the environment and saving on gas and carbon emissions, there are now more bicycles on the road than ever before. That being said, it is now more important than ever that drivers understand how to share the road and are aware of a few different safety tips that can keep them and bike riders safer.

The first thing that any driver should do is to be aware of bike lanes. If your city or town has designated bike lanes it is important that you know where they are, you know where they run, and that you pay attention to any bikers that may be in those lanes. Being aware of bike lanes is the first step to keeping you and other drivers safe.

Another tip is to be aware of times that bike riders are more likely to be on the road. Bike riders are often present during morning and afternoon commutes, on days when the sun is shining, and it is warm, and on the weekends during recreational times. This means that you should be aware of days when bike riders are more likely to be present so that you can watch for them.

The last tip you can use is always to be aware of your mirrors and blind spots. Bike riders can quickly become lost in your blind spot making it difficult to keep them safe. If you are checking blind spots frequently and keeping track of bike riders that you have already seen, you are far less likely to have an accident than those drivers that are not paying attention to bike riders on the road with them. Insurance Solutions Inc. want you and bike riders to be safe so make sure you are paying close attention and sharing the road.  

Staying Safe During A Blackout

A blackout could happen at any time in Cullman, Alabama. The important thing is that you stay safe. There are ways to achieve this, and much of it has to do with advanced planning.

Be sure that you have a way of providing light once the power goes out. You don’t know how long the power is going to remain out and therefore you may need several nights’ worth of lighting. This can come in the form of candles, gas lanterns, or flashlights. Regardless of what you choose to use (and it’s a good idea to use multiple types), you want to make sure you have backups. This can include additional gas for lanterns or additional batteries for flashlights.

The food in your freezer isn’t going to last more than a few hours. The temperature is going to start rising, which will spoil your food. Try and use up as much as you can immediately. By keeping frozen water bottles in the freezer at all times, you have a way of keeping the food colder for longer.

You should also plan on having various types of foods in your pantry that don’t require refrigeration or cooking. Some items that you can have on hand include:

  • MREs
  • Peanut butter
  • Granola bars
  • Cheese spread in jars
  • Crackers
  • Jerky

Be sure you have enough food for several days. If you have young children, be sure that you allow for the food that they are going to eat, as well.

Have a heating source so that you are able to boil water, purify water for drinking, and heating other types of foods, such as soups and pasta. This can range from a gas grill to an outdoor rocket stove.

At Insurance Solutions Inc. we look forward to helping you stay safe throughout the year and Alabama. Call and talk to one of our knowledgeable agents today to learn about homeowners insurance and much more.