3 Risks of Riding Without Alabama Motorcycle Insurance

The feeling of cruising on the road with a motorcycle is unexplainable. Most people have different reasons why they ride on their bikes. Some appreciate the beautiful make of their bikes, and others find it peaceful. Others enjoy the biker’s community and get to meet new people. To many, it’s probably the gas they save. But do you the risks of riding a motorcycle? Yes, you know, and that’s why you put on all the safety gears. But apart from the safety gears, you need motorcycle insurance to protect you on the road.

To that end, there are risks of riding a bike without motorcycle insurance in Alabama. We at Insurance Solutions Inc of Cullman, AL are well aware of the risks for riding without motorcycle insurance. Here are some. 

Risk of fines and penalties

Motorcycle insurance is a requirement by law for many states. In Alabama, all motorcyclists must carry at least minimum liability coverage in their motorcycle insurance. Otherwise, you risk consequences like hefty fines or license revocation.

Risk of uncovered accidents costs

When you are a motorist, there are so many risks surrounding you. Even if you consider yourself a good biker, the risks of injuries, property damage and loss of property still exist and could happen at any time. Whatever the accident would be, the result may be costly. Riding without insurance means that you will pay all the accident-related costs from your pocket, including expensive lawsuits, if you got sued.

Uncovered medical expenses 

If you got injured on your bike or injured someone, the cost of treatment could be prohibitive depending on the injuries sustained. If you have no health insurance, you can easily slump into a financial mess. Thankfully, PIP or MedPay coverage on your bike covers medical costs for you and your passengers when involved in a crash.

Motorcycle insurance in Cullman, AL

Folks, there you have it. The benefits of carrying motorcycle insurance far outweigh the costs of riding without coverage. Besides saving you money in case of an accident, it saves you from being on the wrong side of the law. Ready for motorcycle insurance? Contact us at Insurance Solutions Inc for an affordable quote.